The Rat Patrol

The Rat Patrol is an American action and adventure television series that aired on ABC between 1966 and 1968. The show follows the exploits of four Allied soldiers — three Americans and one Englishman — who are part of a long-range desert patrol group in the North African campaign during World War II. Their mission: "to attack, harass and wreak havoc on Field Marshal Rommel's vaunted Afrika Korps".

Created by Tom Gries

Running for two seasons

ABC released it on September 12, 1966 running till March 18, 1968


The show was inspired by and loosely modeled on the New Zealand/British/Rhodesian Long Range Desert Group, which used modified trucks armed with machine guns as their transport through the treacherous desert terrain, and Popski's Private Army. The title of the program refers to the nicknames given to some of the British Commonwealth forces in the North African campaign (Rats of Tobruk or Desert Rats). Consequently, at the time of the original telecast many British viewers took offense at the dominance of American characters on the program, the result being that the show was pulled from the BBC after six episodes.


The four members of the Allied patrol were:

Sgt. Sam Troy - Christopher George
The unit's leader, Troy is an intuitive, resourceful, clever and gritty-yet-compassionate leader who always wears an Australian army Slouch hat. His common tagline is "Let's shake it!", another form of expressing the urgency to hurry or leave.

Sgt. Jack Moffitt - Gary Raymond
The British member of the unit. An expert on the desert and on the local Arab tribes which inhabit it, Moffitt speaks fluent German and Arabic. Before the outbreak of war, he accompanied his father (a noted archaeologist) on multiple trips to the Sahara. Moffitt wears a black beret.

Cpl. Mark T. Hitchcock - Lawrence Casey

Known as "Hitch". The college-man-turned-soldier often chews bubblegum and wears a red French kepi with gold trim similar to those worn by Zouave and artillery troops during the American Civil War. Occasionally shows his "Ladies' Man" side. His tagline is "Who was there: you or me?"

PFC. Tully Pettigrew - Justin Tarr

Called one of the Army's best wheelmen by Troy, Tully grew up in Kentucky and apparently gained his remarkable driving skills by running moonshine. He is the only member of the Patrol who wears an Army regulation steel helmet.

Notable enemies included:
Hauptmann (Captain) Hans Dietrich - Hans Gudegast

A dedicated, but honorable German officer and the Patrol's main nemesis. By the end of the series it becomes clear that Dietrich, although a cunning opponent, never stoops to the cruel methods of fellow Nazi officers.

Gudegast later became famous as a soap opera star under the pseudonym Eric Braeden.

For a few episodes during the second season, the storyline required the temporary absence of Tully.
Three different characters took turns rounding out the Patrol until Tully returned:

A Rat Patrol soldier named Cotter (played by Whitey Christy) is shown being hit by enemy fire and slumping over his machine gun during the opening action sequence of the pilot episode, "The Chase of Fire Raid". The resulting vacancy allowed for the addition of Moffitt to the team.


A total of fifty-eight 30-minute episodes were produced by Mirisch-Rich Television Productions, a subsidiary of United Artists Television, in association with Tom Gries Productions Inc.. Just as The Man From U.N.C.L.E. episode titles included the word "Affair", all Rat Patrol episodes titles had "Raid" e.g. "The Do or Die Raid", "The Lighthouse Raid" or "Mask-A-Raid".

Part of the show's first season was filmed in AlmerĂ­a, Spain, with the rest in the United States.

The three-part story arc "The Last Harbor Raid" was released theatrically in some venues under the title "Massacre Harbor".

As a leverage tool against the actors asking for raises, each major cast member was, after the first season, shown a separate prospective script in which he was killed in action.

Christopher George suffered a heart contusion when a jeep overturned on him during filming in January 1967. The injury contributed to his death in 1983.

As was usual for productions of the era, other equipment was substituted for original ones. The German vehicles were actually American Patton tanks, M7 Priest self-propelled guns, M3 Half-track and M35 2-1/2 ton cargo trucks painted in desert sand colors.

Perhaps the most-remembered visual was a jeep jumping over a sand dune, seen in the opening credits and other scenes in the series.

The submachine guns used by the squad were unusual. Because the first season had been filmed in Spain, the producers obtained several fixed wood-stock versions of the Spanish Star Z-45 (9x23mm Largo) submachine gun from the Spanish Army, in an apparent attempt to imitate the look of the WWII .45 Thompson submachine gun. This was changed in later first season episodes when Thompsons were finally made available.

During the series, Sgt. Troy wore an Australian bush hat (the hat is actually a Rhodesian bush hat, different puggaree, two part chin strap, the crown of the hat is NOT rolled in the approved 2nd AIF manner and the "rising sun badge" is worn too high on the upturned hat brim). When the show aired in Australia, veterans of both World Wars there were critical of an American actor wearing such an important symbol of Australian courage and sacrifice. It was seen to cheapen and sensationalize the memory and spirit of those ANZACs who died fighting fascism. George, a U.S. Marine Korean War veteran, and of Greek extraction, said he insisted his character wear the slouch hat to honor the Australians who fought in Greece. Larry Casey stated in an interview that Tom Gries' original idea was that each of the characters would be from a different country and wear a different hat. However this was changed, and with Christopher George wishing to wear the Slouch Hat, his American helmet was given to Justin Tarr.

Episode guide

Season 1

32 episodes

No.   Title Airdate
1 "The Chase of Fire Raid" September 12, 1966

Pilot episode. The Rat Patrol reluctantly gains a new member in British sergeant Jack Moffitt and races to find and destroy a buried fuel supply before their nemesis, Hauptmann Hans Dietrich, can claim it for Germany.

2 "The Life Against Death Raid" September 19, 1966

Hitchcock is seriously wounded during an otherwise routine raid on a German convoy. Stuck more than 100 miles behind enemy lines and with Hitch fading fast, Troy has no choice but to risk sneaking him into a nearby German field hospital for the necessary life-saving treatment.

3 "The Wildest Raid of All" September 26, 1966

Troy and Hitchcock allow themselves to be captured by Dietrich in order to kidnap his superior, a highly-decorated Nazi general. The plan: use him as a bargaining chip to gain access to a German ammunition depot and destroy supplies slated for use in a massive Wehrmacht offensive set for the following day.

    Guest Stars:
  • Wolfgang Preiss as Gen. Ernest von Helmreich
  • Max Slaten as Col. Shtengler
  • Rick Hutton as Dr. Muller
  • Manfred Lating as Nervous Soldier
4 "Kill or Be Killed Raid" October 3, 1966

Posing as a German archaeologist, Moffitt infiltrates enemy headquarters to translate and destroy an ancient Coptic scroll which details the location of a coveted source of water deep in the desert. But when his cover is blown and he is captured with little chance of rescue, Troy is faced with carrying out a difficult order to kill him before he falls into the brutal hands of the Gestapo.

    Guest Stars:
  • Milton Selzer as Col. Martin Schweiger
  • Susan Dierderich as Arab Girl (Uncredited)

5 "The Chain of Death Raid" October 10, 1966

The aftermath of a raid on a German column headed for a vital oasis results in both Troy and Dietrichs' capture by Arab slave-traders. Joined at the wrist by a length of heavy chain, they soon escape, only to find themselves lost in the desert and miles from help. Without food, water or shelter, the two bitter enemies have no choice but to rely on each other or face certain death under a blazing sun.

6 "The Do or Die Raid" October 17, 1966

A covert operation to plant false intelligence data in enemy headquarters is severely jeopardized when the special operative the Rat Patrol is escorting has a heart attack at a critical stage in the mission. With time running out and failure not an option, Troy must somehow ensure the success of the mission and still manage to get away before the Germans even know they were there, lest the deception be discovered.

7 "The Blind Man's Bluff Raid" October 24, 1966

A surprise ambush near a minefield separates Troy from the rest of his unit. After passing-out in the desert, he awakens to find himself in an Allied field hospital, stricken with sun blindness. But things are not as they seem. Unbeknownst to Troy, he has been captured by the Germans and the field hospital, as well as his blindness, are an elaborate scheme by Dietrich to trick him into revealing where the rest of the Rat Patrol are hiding.

8 "The Fatal Chase Raid" October 31, 1966

After freeing two truckloads of P.O.W.'s from a German convoy, the Rat Patrol is forced to transport the obnoxious, self-serving Sgt. Archie Gribbs back to headquarters. He claims to have information vital to Allied forces, but only seems interested in saving his own neck. With Gribbs' selfish attitude already grating on everyone's nerves, the situation is made worse by the loss of one of their jeeps and the presence of two bitter GI's who blame Gribbs for their capture.

9 "The Blow Sky High Raid" November 7, 1966

The Rat Patrol transports an extremely volatile new explosive on a mission to destroy a vital German radar installation. At stake is an approaching flight of Allied bombers set to destroy Rommel's newest armoured division. With the lieutenant trained in the explosive's use killed, the enemy alerted to their presence, and time running out, the Patrol is forced to take a secret route through the mountains along the course of an ancient riverbed. Unfortunately for Troy, Dietrich has also learned of this secret route and lies in wait for them at their destination.

10 "The Moment of Truce Raid" November 14, 1966

The Rat Patrol, along with Dietrich and two of his men, become trapped in some desert ruins, held at bay by a sizable band of fanatical Arabs who are hell-bent on wiping them out as "infidels". Greatly outnumbered and with limited supplies of ammunition, the enemies find themselves forced into an uneasy truce for survival.

11 "The Deadly Double Raid" November 21, 1966

Moffitt and Pettigrew allow themselves to be captured in order to rescue an Allied spy with vital information about a surprise German offensive from a P.O.W. camp. Upon learning that the operative has died, all seems lost, when both the camp doctor and an American sergeant suddenly claim to have been passed the information. The problem is, one of them is really a Gestapo agent and the Rat Patrol must discover which one is telling the truth before it is too late.

12 "The Gun Runner Raid" November 28, 1966

The Rat Patrol is captured by Arab mercenaries disguised as an American convoy. Their employer, a decorated US flyer turned arms dealer and traitor, has a grudge against them; apparently the Patrol destroyed several of his shipments, thinking they were German. Rather than kill them, he makes Troy and Moffitt an offer they can't refuse: join him in his less-than-honorable racket or he turns them over to his biggest client, Hauptmann Dietrich.

13 "The Lighthouse Raid" December 5, 1966

Tully and Moffitt transport a liberated French underground general to a rendezvous in a deserted lighthouse. Hitchcock stands lookout, disguised as a German guard. Troy, though, is held captive inside the lighthouse betrayed by Mathias, the lighthouse keeper. Moffitt tries to reach him but ends up unconscious. In the ensuing fight, Mathias is killed and Troy manages to signal the trawler into the area to take the general to safety.

14 "The Dare-Devil Rescue Raid" December 12, 1966

German artillery traps 2000 Allied soldiers and their only chance of rescue is an Allied armored attack. The necessary equipment, though, can only reach them in time via an ancient road which is now hidden by sand, a road only Moffitt's father can find. On the way to the landing site, Moffitt's father's plane crashes. Moffitt wants to go find him but Troy insists their first priority is to find the road themselves. Moffitt breaks away and goes to find his father but finds only the burned-out plane. Troy thinks the elder Moffitt must be dead. Moffitt says he was captured. Again Moffitt escapes the team and goes after his father finally rescuing him.

15 "The Last Harbor Raid - Episode 1" December 19, 1966

After each Allied bombing of their harbor, the Germans use Allied POWs to rebuild it. HQ sends the Rat Patrol to liberate the POWs and halt the harbor's usefulness. Troy must coordinate his plans with Major Indrus (John Anderson), an American who is inside the camp. They use an explosive-laden boat to get into the harbor but the Germans stop it halfway in. The captain, Bertaine (Will Kuluva), doesn't allow the Germans to board his boat. Troy and his men are able to fight off the boarding party and escape into town, but at the cost of Bertaine's life. They are followed by El Gamil , a sympathetic Arab merchant and black marketeer, who provides a car and uniforms for Moffitt and Hitchcock to go to the German Officer's Club in search of Bertaine's daughter Marianne. She is regarded as a traitor by locals because she performs at the club, but Troy has no choice but to seek out her help. The episode ends with Moffitt and Hitchcock entering the club.

16 "The Last Harbor Raid - Episode 2" December 26, 1966

Moffitt and Hitch (dressed as Germans) find Bertaine's daughter and tell her of her father's death. Then they take her home - after they tell her who they really are. They also tell her that they need to use the fishing fleet to accomplish their mission. Meanwhile, Troy secretly meets with American POW liaison officer Indrus. Troy then joins Moffitt at the house of El Gamil. Informed of the plan, El Gamil dispatches his men to the various harbor areas to alert the fishermen. Troy sets the action to begin at dawn.

17 "The Last Harbor Raid - Episode 3" January 2, 1967

The plan is for the fishing fleet to bring out the prisoners, Dunkirk-fashion. However, a Nazi patrol boat has intercepted the boats. The fishermen believe that Marinanne is a collaborator. Sgt. Troy, though, disagrees and he's right. Marianne talks the fishermen into cooperating, and the prisoners make good their escape.

18 "The One That Got Away Raid" January 9, 1967

Lieutenant Gustav Luden, a radio operator, wants to defect, so he sends secret information to the Americans on a frequency that the Rat Patrol listens to. The Patrol goes in after him. They get inside the German base and, once there, find that Luden is being questioned by the Gestapo.

    Guest Stars:
  • Alan Bergman as Col. Krieg
  • Jack Colvin as Lt. Gustav Friedrich Luden
  • Charles Maxwell as Col. Prochek
  • Walter Friedel as Lt. Durst
  • Walter Alzmann as Coppel
  • Chris Anders as Stumpf
  • Manfred Lating as MĂĽller

19 "Two for One Raid" January 16, 1967

Valuable German ammo has been dropped by parachute to an Arab farmhouse, and the Rat Patrol is sent to destroy it. On destroying the building, Troy discovers that there is no ammo but there is a confused teenage boy. The boy proves out to be the son of a German commander. Troy is going to kill the commander, but when the boy pleads with him not to, Troy remembers what it felt like to lose his own father, who died when Troy was this boy's age. Troy arranges to capture the German instead of killing him.

20 "The Last Chance Raid" January 23, 1967

The Patrol's radio is wrecked and Troy is unable to warn HQ of a large Nazi anti-tank outfit waiting in ambush. Troy knows that El Jebel has a huge radio broadcast unit and heads there. Troy, Moffitt and the others make their way into the radio room and prepare to broadcast their warning to the British. However, Captain Deitrich walks in on them and takes them prisoner. Troy and Moffitt manage to escape. They free Hitch and Pettigrew and get their message back to London. This prevents the Allies from losing a lot of tanks.

21 "The B Negative Raid" January 30, 1967

Moffitt is seriously wounded in a raid on a German convoy. The Patrol is far from help and so Troy decides to obtain blood from a nearby German field camp. Dietrich is in charge of the base; Troy encounters him and orders him to help him find a donor. Dietrich sends for Corporal Pennell (guest appearance by teen idol Fabian Forte), a captured Yank deserter. Pennell refuses to cooperate but Troy takes him at gunpoint. On the way back to Moffitt, Dietrich catches up to them and it is up to Pennell to do the "impossible" to prevent them from all being recaptured. He rises to the occasion and they make it back to Moffitt and Tully in time to save Moffitt's life.

22 "The Exhibit A Raid" February 6, 1967

Troy and Hitchcock capture Col Beckmann, an infamous Nazi POW camp commander. Beckmann denies that he is the man. In a fight Troy is knocked out and Hitch is wounded. Using Troy's gun, Beckmann kills the other German taken at the same time he was and then he exchanges dog tags with him the places the gun in Troy's hand. Troy is thus accused of the murder. Moffitt and Tully do not arrive until after the deed is done. To prove to a court-martial board that Beckmann is Beckmann, the other Patrolers must break into a German HQ at considerable risk to their own lives. Guest Star:
Robert Knapp - as Captain Fisher.

23 "The Holy War Raid" February 13, 1967

Using a fake (German) Rat Patrol, Dietrich abducts an Arab holy man that he will then "rescue" so that the Arabs will give their help to the Germans. The real Patrol is captured by the Arabs, though, and when they convince the Arab leader who is a friend of Moffitt's that they aren't guilty, Troy and Moffitt go to find the holy man. To do so means a horse trip across the desert.

24 "The Two Against Time Raid" February 20, 1967

Using a telephoto lens, Moffitt and Troy photograph a map inside Captain Dietrich's office from the roof of the adjoining Nazi HQ. It shows the location of a top secret German ammo dump. The Patrol must reach the site, enter it and destroy it before half of the German army arrives. The Patrol arrive to find the storage area an old mine surprisingly deserted. They go about planting the explosives but just before they blow it, Dietrich (who has laid this all out as a trap) turns up. Shots are exchanged and Dietrich and Troy are trapped inside. Meantime, outside the mine, assuming that in the cave-in Troy was killed, Moffitt and the Patrol prepare to finish blowing it up. Working together, Troy and Dietrich escape through a back entrance moments before the dump is blown up.

25 "The Wild Goose Raid" February 27, 1967

The Brits and the Americans are planning a high-level meeting in a desert town. On the day prior to the event, the Patrol sights a German motorcyclist and chases him but he gets away. Assuming that the Nazis must now know of the conference, Troy tries to talk the commanders out of the meeting. But, instead, they assign him to be in charge of the security. Troy gets jumped, while in town, by a knife-wielding Arab. Sgt Roberts, one of the other "security" men, rescues Troy. Unknown to them, though, Roberts is a double agent and is planning to blow up the meeting a fact that Troy learns.

26 "Bring 'Em Back Alive Raid" March 13, 1967

Troy raids German HQ and kidnaps Dr. Erich Schneidermann. At the same time Moffitt, Tully and Hitch are captured by Captain Dietrich. Dietrich reveals that Troy is carrying a vial of deadly radium. He urges Moffitt to divulge Troy's destination, bargaining the Patrols' unconditional freedom for the return of Schneidermann. Moffitt, disbelieving the radium story, keeps quiet. However Troy is carrying the fatal vessel. The three Patrollers escape and trail Troy back to the rendezvous, with Dietrich trailing them.

27 "Take Me to Your Leader Raid" March 20, 1967

The Patrol stumbles on a German staff car but before they can attack it, the driver and a guard are killed by a third man who is apparently an American major. The major orders the Patrol to take him to where a high-level meeting is being held in secret. They do so, unaware that he is a German officer and that Dietrich is trailing them. However on the way they stumble on a unit of Italians who were badly injured and their officer returning with the Patrol to get his men help recognizes that the Major must be a German. Whereupon the German attempts to kill the Italian arousing Troy's suspicion.

28 "The Double or Nothing Raid" March 27, 1967

Moffitt is about to be executed for "espionage against the Third Reich" when suddenly the Patrol comes to his rescue. A commandeered German truck unsuccessfully attempts to scoop up Moffitt, but manages to take a Nazi captain in his place for exchange. Negotiations for a prisoner exchange are fruitful, but Troy doubts that the Germans will obey their own rules. Indeed, the Nazi's Colonel Voss wants to see the Patrol wiped out and uses the exchange as a trap. The captured captain tries to escape the Patrol and gets himself killed. Now Troy has no one to exchange for a seriously wounded Moffitt and must attempt to pass himself off as a German.

    Guest Stars:
  • Ben Wright as Col. Voss
  • Barry Ford as Capt. Rostov
  • Michael Vandever as Lt. Dorf

29 "The Hour Glass Raid" April 3, 1967

After capturing Dr. Anderson, a skilled Allied physician, Dietrich ends up turning over his staff car in a ravine (during a blinding sand storm). Troy wants to attempt to rescue the doctor but can't because of the storm. He hears Dietrich's distress call but suspects it is a trick. In the end they do make the attempt as they hear that the Germans are going to do the same. They get Dr. Anderson who is fine but Dietrich is trapped under the car and badly injured. The doctor tells them that Dietrich is dead but the German groans just before the Patrol leaves. When Troy ends up saving Dietrich's life, the doctor was about to kill him with a murderous dose of morphine, Dietrich tells Troy that Anderson is a double agent. Anderson ends up getting killed just as the Germans arrive to help their captain.

30 "Mask-a-Raid" April 10, 1967

Lieutenand Klinger, a wounded Luftwaffe ace, is the only German who can ID the location of the Allied troops standing ready to invade Sicily. The Rat Patrol captures him and then Moffitt takes his place so that he can convince the Germans to watch in the wrong place for the upcoming attack. Troy, meanwhile, infiltrates the military hospital. Major Heinrich Bruder however suspects Moffitt and exposes him, but by the time he does, Moffitt manages to get Bruder killed in his place and escape.

31 "The Fire and Brimstone Raid" April 26, 1967

Troy and his men plant explosives in a German ammo depot and while trying for a hasty getaway run into Dietrich, who orders them to surrender. Knowing they are safe surrounded by explosives, Troy and Moffitt defuse the charges and wait for nightfall to escape. Not wanting to blow the depot sky high, Dietrich's men use bows and arrows and end up shooting Hitch in the shoulder. The two are quickly taken care of by Troy. Moffitt tries to make it to a truck using smoke grenades, but is captured by Dietrich. With the help of the Arab winery owner, the Rat Patrol finally dash to safety. When the American grenade fails to blow up the ammo depot, the winery owner does it for them.

32 "The Delilah Raid" May 1, 1967

Season Finale: A young French Resistance fighter Michele survives the Patrol's quick assault on a small German convoy. She explains that she was captured during her groups' attempt to stop the convoy which carries radar equipment. However Michele is a double agent and is going to deliver the Patrol to her lover a German officer. She talks the Patrol into going to the radar base (supposedly to destroy it). She turns them over to him and, in the end, when the Patrol manages to escape and blow up the radar base he is killed.

Season 2

26 episodes

No.   Title Airdate
33 "The Truce at Aburah Raid" September 11, 1967

Captain Dietrich monitors a broadcast sent to the Patrol from HQ and then intercepts them on their way to meet and escort a supply convoy. With the odds decidedly against the Rats, Troy takes refuge in an oasis. A child, playing nearby, runs away terrified of the noise and falls down an old well. The Allies and the Nazis agree to put the war on hold and work together to get the child (who is still alive) out. A second German unit appears and shoots Tully. In the end, they are able to rescue the child and, in the confusion, the Patrol escapes.

    Guest Stars:
  • Joe Turkel as Capt. Bruener
  • Anna Strasberg as Marisha
  • Margot Jane as Kiri
34 "The David and Goliath Raid" September 18, 1967

The Patrol ambushes a German courier and finds that his papers contain charts showing desert waterholes and some oases which are unknown to the Allies or the Germans. Suddenly a German patrol attacks, wounding Tully and destroying the Patrol's jeeps, water and weapons. Troy and crew strike out for a waterhole mentioned on the chart. Hours later, near their end, Troy and his men stagger toward an inviting waterhole to find it has been poisoned. On a distant dune they see Dietrich. Tully is near the end, because of his wound. It is up to Troy to negotiate with Dietrich.

    Guest Stars:
  • Manfred Lating as Medic
  • Mark Schell as Soldier

35 "The Trial by Fire Raid" September 25, 1967

The Patrol attempts to destroy a small village that currently has a train in it that the Germans are loading with ammunition. However, there is a small group of Arabs (including women and children) being used to load the ammunition. One of the women stumbles upon Troy and offers to help by warning her people. But as Troy attempts to plant the explosives, Dietrich catches on to the plan and gives alarm. Troy ends up shot and captured. It is now up to the rest of the Patrol to cause enough diversion to get him free. The woman continues to plead with Dietrich to give Troy medical attention. As Dietrich is questioning Troy, though, Troy breaks free, shoots the German and is able with the Arab woman's father's help to get the explosives planted. The train goes up; the man is killed.

    Guest Stars:
  • Milton Selzer as Tobar
  • Gale Garnett as Safti
  • Unidentified actor as German Corporal (uncredited)

36 "The Darers Go First Raid" October 2, 1967

Troy determines that the Rat Patrol's only chance to destroy a supply depot inside an enemy-held fortress is by capturing a German tank and using it to get past the guards.

    Guest Stars:
  • Manfred Lating as German Tank Commander (uncredited)
  • Norbert Meisel as German Tank Crewman (uncredited)

37 "The Love Thine Enemy Raid" October 9, 1967

When the patrol ambush an Afrika Korps supply column, Troy accidentally wounds a German nurse. Feeling guilty, Troy decides to take her to a German field hospital. The only problem is that on the way she overhears a piece of vital information.

    Guest Stars:
  • Susanne Cramer as Gerta
  • Robert Champion as Lt. Bruener
  • Guy Danforth as Dr. Brahms
  • Hans Difflip as Capt. Krueger
  • Carl Crow as Sgt. Meade

38 "The Darkest Raid" October 16, 1967

Troy infiltrates a German H.Q. posing as a blinded Afrika Korps officer to steal vital information.

    Guest Stars:
  • Alfred Ryder as Col. Rudolf Gerschon
  • Ken Drake as Lt. Klundt
  • Bard Stevens as Capt. Richter
  • Manfred Lating as Orderly

39 "The Death Do Us Part Raid" October 30, 1967

En route to a meeting with an Arab agent, the patrol is ambushed by Dietrich. With the exception of Troy, they're all captured and taken to Dietrich's desert base. Troy eventually meets up with the agent, who turns out to be a teenage boy, and a female Irish teacher, who is reluctant to allow the boy to help Troy.

    Guest Stars:
  • Pippa Scott as Drucilla Blacknar
  • Barry Robins as Ben Nafi
  • Stanley Waxman as Col. Luden

40 "The Do-Re-Mi Raid" November 6, 1967

The Patrol is ordered to rescue pop star Mickey Roberts, who is a P.O.W. in a small Afrika Korps compound, with the S.S. also turning up to make Roberts into a propaganda coup.

41 "The Kingdom Come Raid" November 13, 1967

Hitchcock is supervising a transport convoy of new anti-aircraft shell fuses when the convoy is attacked by a German unit. Hitchcock is wounded by a deserter.

    Guest Stars:
  • Matt Clark as Corporal Meekin
  • Mark Tapscott as Major Burrows

42 "The Hide and Go Seek Raid" November 20, 1967

The young mute son of British General Simms is kidnapped in a commando raid by Dietrich and taken to Rhodes. The patrol must rescue the boy from the island's garrison with only the help of one Greek resistance fighter.

    Guest Stars:
  • Mark Anthony as Miles Simms
  • Charles Irving as Col. von Graff
  • Nikita Knatz as German Guard
  • Morgan Jones as Capt. Boggs
  • Alan Caillou as Gen. Simms

43 "The Violent Truce Raid" November 27, 1967

Lieutenant West is on his way to stop a medical supply convoy, when he's ambushed by an Afrika Korps patrol. Wounded and rescued by Moffatt and Pettigrew, before he dies he informs them that he's got to stop the medical supplies, as the blood plasma is poisonous. When Moffatt destroys the deadly supplies he is put under arrest by a British Army Major. Dietrichs' help is needed by Sgt. Troy to help clear Moffatt of court-martial charges by Dietrich confirming that the plasma was contaminated.

44 "The Life for a Life Raid" December 4, 1967

Dietrich traps the Rat Patrol in a cellar. In the cellar are a pregnant woman who has a valuable map, and a resistance fighter who has a personal vendetta with the woman.

45 "The Fifth Wheel Raid" December 11, 1967

A British colonel is captured by the Germans after attending a staff meeting which centered on an upcoming Allied offensive. The Rat Patrol is ordered to either rescue or kill him before he can be interrogated. His Sikh aide insists on participating in the mission.

46 "The Two If by Sea Raid" December 18, 1967

Moffitt gets into a German-held lighthouse by posing as an electrician, to try to gain information about a German naval convoy headed for North Africa which is carrying Tiger tanks.

47 "The Street Urchin Raid" December 25, 1967

Troy hides aerial photographs of secret German installations before being captured by the Gestapo. Then a street urchin finds and tries to sell the photos.

    Guest Stars:
  • Jean-Michel Michenaud as Tico
  • John Myhers as Rettig
  • Rika Dialyna as Sarina
  • Jon Shank as 1st Guard
  • Tanya Lemani as Belly Dancer

48 "The Pipeline to Disaster Raid" January 1, 1968

A British general is rescued in the desert. He insists upon leading the Rat Patrol on a mission to disrupt a German oil pipeline, despite his deteriorated condition.

49 "The Boomerang Raid" January 8, 1968

A lieutenant is infiltrated by submarine to set up naval gunfire coordinates, but Troy gets suspicious when the officer appears more interested in mapping the Allied positions than the German ones.

50 "The Fatal Reunion Raid" January 15, 1968

The Rat Patrol uses Moffitt's old flame, Gabrielle, as a guide to rescue her husband, a French rocket scientist, from the Germans.

    Guest Stars:
  • Louise Sorel as Gabrielle
  • Gilbert Green as Colonel (General) Rettig
  • David Bond as Dr. Pierre Marchand
  • Mac McLaughlin as Andy

51 "The Decoy Raid" January 22, 1968

A village's typhus serum is confiscated by the S.S. in order to exchange it for capturing the Rat Patrol. Dietrich questions their methods.

52 "The Touch-and-Go Raid" February 5, 1968

Dietrich and his men capture the Rat Patrol and assume their identities, and thus are able to enter an Allied munitions dump.

    Guest Stars:
  • Robert Knapp as Major
  • Peter Church as Lt. Hartford
  • Carl Crow as 1st Sentry
  • Charles Bastin as Colonel
  • Tom Heaton as Operator
  • Mike Krempels as 2nd German
  • Robert Dornan as Sergeant

53 "The Field of Death Raid" February 12, 1968

Troy's brother is captured by a German Major who was injured in an earlier raid by the Rat Patrol.

54 "The Double Jeopardy Raid" February 19, 1968

A group of youthful partisans endanger the plans of an Allied offensive when they attack an SS camp.

    Guest Stars:
  • Danielle Roter is a guest.
  • Clive Clerk as Jean-Claude
  • Diane Roter as Monique
  • Todd Martin as SS Major
  • Paul Prokop as Lt. Hoffman
  • Alain Patrick as Francoise
  • Catlin Adams as Girl
  • Mac McLaughlin as Andy

55 "Hickory Dickory Dock Raid" February 26, 1968

From the DVD: On the Eve of a dangerous mission, Moffitt receives word that his younger brother has been killed by a German bomb in London.

    Guest Stars:
  • Gary Lasdun as Capt. Hunte
  • David Gross as 1st Sentry
  • Matthias Uitz as 2nd Sentry

56 "The Tug of War Raid" March 4, 1968

Troy goes undercover to get microfilm from a French Resistance fighter, but they are captured by Dietrich. After Troy refuses to give up the location of the microfilm, Dietrich sentences both to death. Troy must find a way to contact the Rat Patrol for rescue.
57 "The Never-Say-Die Raid" March 11, 1968

Troy and Hitchcock are captured by a German colonel who has a scheme to use them to radio false information back to their headquarters. Meanwhile, Moffitt and Pettigrew's rescue attempts are complicated by an Italian officer who wants to surrender to them.

58 "The Kill at Koorlea Raid" March 18, 1968

The Rat Patrol is ordered to go with a Rhodesian sniper on a mission to kill a German general, but Troy decides to try to capture the general alive.

DVD releases

MGM Home Entertainment has released both seasons of The Rat Patrol.

On May 13, 2008, MGM released a seven-disc boxset of the complete series.

DVD Name Ep # Release Date
The Complete First Season 32 January 31, 2006
The Complete Second Season 26 June 12, 2007
The Rat Patrol: The Complete Series 58 May 13, 2008

Comic book

Dell Comics published a comic book series that lasted six issues (1967; one issue in 1969). These had photo covers taken from the television series.


5 books were released by Paperback Library.


Like The Fugitive, The Rat Patrol was one of the few primetime dramatic series of the era to use a library of music instead of having specific episodes scored. Dominic Frontiere, who replaced Alex North when he was fired during post-production of the pilot (along with series creator Tom Gries when the pilot went over-budget), wrote the series theme and music library, conducting the Graunke Symphony Orchestra. La-La Land Records issued a limited edition album of Frontiere's music in 2011, and a second volume in 2014 featuring more Frontiere music and North's unused score for the pilot.

The Rat Patrol soundtrack album

  1. The Rat Patrol Main Title 1:00
  2. Another Day, Another Mission 1:11
  3. Convoy 1:31
  4. Desert Action 2:00
  5. After That Man 1:15
  6. Lost And Found 3:35
  7. Desert Romance 2:49
  8. Rats Sneak About 2:03
  9. A Tight Spot 2:17
  10. Do You Smell Something? 0:43
  11. Time To Go 0:48
  12. Night Maneuvers 3:02
  13. Firefight 2:16
  14. Desert Sun 0:29
  15. Farewell/Ambushed 1:07
  16. Burning Sun/Sniper 1:01
  17. The Massacre 1:36
  18. Germans On The Move 1:33
  19. Rats On The Move 2:25
  20. Breaking In And Searching 1:46
  21. Rats On Patrol 1:25
  22. Rats In Action 1:30
  23. A Friend's Death 1:38
  24. We Have A Job To Do! 1:15
  25. Serious Discussion 2:22
  26. Hand To Hand 1:14
  27. Dirge 2:03
  28. Rat Mission 1:47
  29. Cat And Mouse 2:03
  30. The Traitor 0:51
  31. Tricked Into A Trap 0:26
  32. Stalemate 1:47
  33. Cut Off 0:34
  34. Rats Have Some Fun 1:19
  35. Floating Down 0:52
  36. Foot Chase 1:13
  37. Plans For Rats 1:15
  38. In And Out Of Enemy Camp 1:53
  39. We've Still Got A Job To Do 1:15
  40. Planning The Attack 1:36
  41. Getting Ready 5:10
  42. Big Battle 2:58
  43. Mission Accomplished 1:53
  44. The Rat Patrol End Credits 1:37
  45. Theme from The Rat Patrol 2:30

The Rat Patrol: Volume 2

Tracks 21-28 comprise Alex North's unused score for "The Chase Of Fire Raid."

  1. The Rat Patrol Overture 2:30
  2. The Germans on the Move 1:51
  3. Before the War 3:48
  4. Our Man Hans/Rats on the Prowl 1:32
  5. Belly Dancer Muzak 1:23
  6. After the War 3:42
  7. In and Out 1:23
  8. Hans Checks for Rats/German Fall Out 1:41
  9. That Tiny World (no strings) - vocal: Jack Jones 2:44
  10. Quick Getaway From the Germans 1:32
  11. Tank Column 1:56
  12. In Love With a Rat 2:58
  13. In and Out of Trouble 0:30
  14. Lili Marlene - Norbert Schultze 1:54
  15. Big Mean Germans 1:46
  16. Here Comes Hans 0:45
  17. The Showdown 1:40
  18. Rats on Parade 2:01
  19. Remembering an Old Friend 2:52
  20. Rat Patrol Main Title (alt. take) 1:46
  21. The Original Rat Patrol Theme 0:51
  22. Our Heroes on Duty 0:36
  23. Entering the Bar 0:27
  24. Rat Chat 2:30
  25. Honor and Duty 2:40
  26. Germans Arrive/Let's Get Out of Here 1:14
  27. Until Next Time/Finale 1:48
  28. The Original Rat Patrol End Credits 0:55
  29. Slow and Sexy Belly Dance 3:36
  30. Fast Belly Dance 0:47
  31. That Tiny World (record with strings) - vocal: Jack Jones 2:44
  32. The Rat Patrol End Credits (Alt. Take) 0:38


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