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Midsomer Murders

Midsomer Murders

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Midsomer Murders is a British television detective drama that has aired on ITV since 1997.
The show is based on Caroline Graham's Chief Inspector Barnaby book Series, as originally adapted by Anthony Horowitz.
The lead character in the first thought eleventh Series is DCI Tom Barnaby (John Nettles), who works for Causton CID.
DCI Tom Barnaby is replaced by DCI John Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon), who permanently joined the show in 2011 following Nettles' departure.
Dudgeon first appeared as randy gardener Daniel Bolt in the Series 4 episode "Garden of Death".

The stories are set in modern day England and revolve around Tom Barnaby's (later, John Barnaby's) efforts to solve numerous murders that take place in the idyllic picturesque but deadly villages of the fictional county of Midsomer. The Barnabys have worked with several different sergeants throughout the run of the show: Sgt Gavin Troy (Daniel Casey), Sgt Dan Scott (John Hopkins), Sgt Ben Jones (Jason Hughes), and currently Sgt Charlie Nelson (Gwilym Lee).

Filming of Midsomer Murders began in Autumn 1996, with the first episode "The Killings at Badger's Drift" broadcast in the United Kingdom on 23 March 1997. Viewing figures for the Series were healthy initially and still consistently exceed 6 million. The feature-length drama attracts many well known accomplished actors from the stage and screen in guest-starring roles.

Anthony Horowitz and the original producers, Betty Willingale and Brian True-May, created the Series. Horowitz adapted the majority of the early episodes from the original works by Caroline Graham. Current writers include Paul Logue, Michael Aitkens and Rachel Cuperman, and Sally Griffiths. Actor John Nettles retired at the end of 2010, after the 13th Series of eight episodes; his last episode was "Fit for Murder". Neil Dudgeon replaced him in the 14th Series, playing Tom Barnaby's cousin, DCI John Barnaby, who is first seen in the episode "The Sword of Guillaume".

In February 2015, the show was renewed for an 18th Series, consisting of six episodes.

It started filming at the end of March 2015 and began broadcasting in January 2016.

Main cast

John Nettles John Nettles as DCI Tom Barnaby (81 episodes, 1997 - 2011)

Jane Wymark Jane Wymark as Joyce Barnaby (Tom's wife) (81 episodes, 1997 - 2011)

Laura Howard Laura Howard as Cully Barnaby (the daughter)(43 episodes, 1997 - 2011)

Barry Jackson Barry Jackson as Dr George Bullard (Medical examiner) (76 episodes, 1997 - 2011)

Daniel Casey Daniel Casey as Sgt. Gavin Troy (30 episodes, 1997 - 2008)

Jason Hughes Jason Hughes as DS Ben Jones (52 episodes, 2005 - 2013)

Neil Dudgeon Neil Dudgeon as DCI John Barnaby (32 episodes, 2000 - 2016)

Kirsty Dillon Kirsty Dillon as WPC Gail Stephens (24 episodes, 2007 - 2011)

Other well-known actors have appeared in guest roles, including Neil Conrich, Denis Lawson, Antony Sher, Ian McNeice, Andrew Tiernan, Samuel West, Christian Coulson, Cherie Lunghi, Greg Wise and Ronald Pickup.

Series Directed by

Peter Smith (22 episodes, 2000-2011)
Renny Rye (24 episodes, 2004-2016)
Richard Holthouse (16 episodes, 2004-2011)
Sarah Hellings (13 episodes, 2002-2008)
Jeremy Silberston (9 episodes, 1997-2003)
Nicholas Laughland (7 episodes, 2011-2016)
Alex Pillai (7 episodes, 2012-2017)
David Tucker (3 episodes, 2001-2002)
Baz Taylor (2 episodes, 1998)
Moira Armstrong (2 episodes, 1999-2000)
Simon Langton (2 episodes, 2011)
Peter Cregeen (1 episode, 1999)
Andy Hay (1 episode, 2013)
Luke Watson (1 episode, 2014)
Charlie Palmer (1 episode, 2015)
Rob Evans (2 episode, 2016)
Matt Carter (5 episode, 2016-2017)
Paul Harrison (1 episode, 2017)
Toby Frow (1 episode, 2017)

Series Writing Credits

Caroline Graham (creator) (109 episodes, 1997-2016)
Andrew Payne (11 episodes, 2002-2011)
David Hoskins (10 episodes, 2001-2011)
Peter Hammond (9 episodes, 2001-2011)
Michael Aitkens (9 episodes, 2006-2014)
Douglas Watkinson (7 episodes, 1998-2007)
Anthony Horowitz (6 episodes, 1997-2000)
Michael Russell (5 episodes, 2002-2009)
David Harsent (5 episodes, 2006-2011)
Rachel Cuperman (6 episodes, 2011-2016)
Sally Griffiths (6 episodes, 2011-2016)
Paul Logue (6 episodes, 2013-2016)
Elizabeth-Anne Wheal (4 episodes, 2004-2012)
Steve Trafford (4 episodes, 2005-2012)
Nicholas Martin (3 episodes, 2009-2011)
Lisa Holdsworth (4 episodes, 2013-2016)
Chris Murray (6 episodes, 2013-2017)
Christopher Russell (2 episodes, 2000-2002)
Terry Hodgkinson (2 episodes, 2001-2005)
Tony Etchells (2 episodes, 2005-2007)
Barry Purchese (2 episodes, 2007-2010)
Peter Shaffer (1 episode, 1998)
Douglas Livingstone (1 episode, 1999)
Hugh Whitemore (1 episode, 2000)
Jeremy Paul (1 episode, 2001)
Alan Plater (1 episode, 2003)
Jeff Dodds (1 episode, 2004)
Isabelle Grey (1 episode, 2004)
Richard Cameron (1 episode, 2005)
Barry Simner (1 episode, 2005)
Michael Crompton (1 episode, 2008)
J.C. Wilsher (1 episode, 2011)
Jeff Povey (3 episode, 2016-2017)
Julia Gilberth (1 episodes, 2017)
Caleb Ranson (2 episode, 2016)

The pilot episode of Midsomer Murders was shown on 23 March 1997.
As of 18 January 2017, 118 episodes have been broadcast comprising 19 Series'
Series 20 (listed) is being worked on.



Series 1 (1997 - 1998)

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate Filming date

1 1 "The Killings at Badger's Drift" Jeremy Silberston Anthony Horowitz 23 March 1997 September/October 1996

When elderly Emily Simpson stepped out one sunny afternoon, something she saw in the forest had suddenly unnerved and shocked her - something she was never meant to have seen and soon leads to her being murdered within the village of Badger's Drift. Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby and Sergeant Troy soon arrive in the village to determine what had happened, and soon discover that nothing is as it seems, particularly where blackmail, sex, and lies all seem to conceal the truth to the case. And it only gets more perplexing when the pair suspect a connection with a shooting accident that happened one year ago, that led to the death of another woman...

2 2 "Written in Blood" Jeremy Silberston Anthony Horowitz 22 March 1998 July/August 1997

When the Midsomer Worthy Writers' Circle gather together to think of an author that could visit them and discuss about the books they are working on, a famous writer, Max Jennings, is invited to come over despite the group's secretary, Gerald Hadleigh, being far from happy about it. But when Hadleigh is found dead the morning after Jennings visit, DCI Barnaby and Sergeant Troy try to delve into the private life of Hadleigh, only for their investigation to be complicated by the fact that Max Jennings has disappeared, and that Hadleigh had a mysterious woman in his house the night he was killed...

3 3 "Death in Disguise" Baz Taylor Douglas Watkinson 6 May 1998 August/September 1997

When Bill Carter (Robert Pickavance) is found dead at a local New Age commune he worked with (called the Lodge of the Golden Windhorse), lying at the bottom of a staircase with a broken neck, Barnaby and Troy are unsure whether it was an accident or murder. But a few days later, the detectives are soon called back to the Lodge where there is no doubt that it is murder, when the Lodge's master, Ian Craigie, is killed whilst among the other members of the Lodge and the parents of one member, stabbed with a carving knife. The detectives find themselves puzzled as to how he was killed without anyone seeing it, and whether Carter's death was connected to the murder...

4 4 "Death of a Hollow Man" Jeremy Silberston Caroline Graham 29 March 1998 October 1997

When a quiet animal-loving woman, Agnes Gray, is found drowned in Ferne Basset, Barnaby and Troy soon find themselves dealing with more than one murder, when her cousin, Esslyn Carmichael, is also murdered while performing in Causton Amateur Dramatics' showing of Amadeus, which Joyce Barnaby was taking part in. Barnaby soon finds himself trying to figure out who wanted to turn Esslyn's final act into a true coup de theatre, and who wanted both he and his cousin dead...

5 5 "Faithful unto Death" Baz Taylor Douglas Watkinson 22 April 1998 November/December 1997

In Morton Fendle, villagers are up in arms as they attempt to get answers from Alan Hollingsworth, the owner of a local craft centre that has fallen into financial turmoil, about the money they invested into it. With the threat of likely violence rising, Barnaby finds that, whilst investigating a minor matter in the village, someone might have got one step further when he learns that Alan's wife, Simone, may have been abducted. However, the matter soon becomes complicated when one of Alan's neighbour is found murdered, leaving Barnaby and Troy to figure out if she saw something she shouldn't have, and whether Alan's secretive behaviour has any answers to give...

Series 2 (1999 - 2000)

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate Filming date Viewers (millions)

6 1 "Strangler's Wood" Jeremy Silberston Anthony Horowitz 3 February 1999 May/June 1998 10.70

Barnaby's hopes for some father-daughter bonding with Cully while Joyce is away, are soon dashed when he's called out to Midsomer Worthy. The body of a South American woman has been discovered in woodland near to the village, naked and strangled by the neck with a tie, and in the exact same fashion as had happened to three women, nine years before. Barnaby and Troy wonder if the same killer from before has returned, but find themselves dealing with problematic evidence, a detective obsessed with the previous murders, lies and issues in a local family, a tobacco company, and an affair within a local hotel, before another death occurs...
First appearance of Dr Dan Peterson

7 2 "Blood Will Out" Moira Armstrong Douglas Watkinson 19 September 1999 June/July 1998 9.99

Barnaby and Troy are initially called to the village of Martyr Warren to investigate the theft of a goose, but the situation becomes more serious when its unpopular owner, Hector Bridges (Paul Jesson), "the most hated man in the village" and a local magistrate, is found dead, shot in his own home with his own shotgun. Suspicion falls on the members of two bands of Travellers whose recent arrival in the village infuriated the dead man. But the matter is complicated, when one of the travellers is also found dead, and Barnaby has to determine who truthfully hated Bridges enough to kill him...

8 3 "Death's Shadow" Jeremy Silberston Anthony Horowitz 20 January 1999 July/August 1998 10.41

DCI Barnaby and his wife Joyce plan to renew their wedding vows at St Michael's in Badger's Drift, but this is put on hold when a local property developer, Richard Bayly, is found decapitated in his own home. Barnaby and Troy have a lot to discover as the man had recently been diagnosed with a brain tumour, which meant he might have only weeks to live, yet they wonder why anyone wanted to kill a man in such a condition. They soon discover that Badger's Drift is now a hotbed of corruption and property feuding, but soon begin to doubt their theories when more bodies turn up...

9 4 "Beyond the Grave" Moira Armstrong Douglas Watkinson 5 February 2000 September 1998 9.40

Cully's boyfriend, Nico (Ed Waters), has temporarily moved in with the Barnabys, and is shadowing Sgt Troy to prepare for his new role in a TV show. He goes with the pair to Aspern Tallow Museum, where they investigate the slashing of a 17th-century painting of Royalist, Jonathan Lowrie. It looks like a case of nothing much until a Series of events at the museum, including bells tolling in the middle of the night at the local church, culminate in the murder of Jonathan's descendant, Marcus Lowrie (Charles Simon), and the sudden disappearance of the museum's trustee, prompting Barnaby to determine if ghosts are involved, or something natural and human...

Series 3 (1999 - 2000)

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate Filming Date Viewers (millions)

10 1 "Dead Man's Eleven" Moira Armstrong Douglas Watkinson 12 September 1999 May/June 1999 8.40

Fletcher's Cross is preparing itself for their annual cricket match against neighbouring village, Midsomer Worthy, in which Troy has selected to open the batting for the Midsomer team. However, tragedy strikes when the wife of local landowner and cricket captain, Robert Cavendish, is discovered murdered after taking their dog for a walk, at a disused quarry. The pair soon discover blackmail, affairs, break-ins, and another mysterious death at the quarry, which eventually lead to another murder during the cricket match...

11 2 "Blue Herrings" Peter Smith Hugh Whitemore 22 January 2000 June/July 1999 8.88

Barnaby has a week off when his favourite aunt, Alice Bly (Phyllis Calvert), moves temporarily into the Lawnside nursing home in Aspern Tallow. The night she arrives, one of the residents dies mysteriously during the night, and her valuable Cartier watch is stolen. Though the Lawnside director and its physician assure the residents that she died of natural causes, Aunt Alice is unconvinced, and urges Barnaby to investigate. He does, and a Series of deaths soon follows that only Barnaby and his loyal sidekick, DS Troy, can solve...

12 3 "Judgement Day" Jeremy Silberston Anthony Horowitz 29 January 2000 August/September 1999 9.65

Joyce Barnaby has won a competition to become a judge on the "Perfect Village" panel. However, one of the villages to be judged, Midsomer Mallow, believes its chances are scuppered after local thief Peter Drinkwater (Orlando Bloom) is found dead with a pitchfork in his chest following a recent burglary. As he had many enemies, Barnaby and Troy, have a long investigation ahead of them, and as the competition draws ever closer, the relationships and secrets between the villagers start to unravel themselves. Things get muddier in the case when the judges of the competition (including Josephine Tewson) start dropping dead without warning...

13 4 "Death of a Stranger" Peter Cregeen Douglas Livingstone 31 December 1999 October 1999 5.87

While Barnaby is on holiday in France, a tramp is murdered during a fox hunt in the village of Upper Marshwood. Superintendent Pringle (James Bolam) is called to the case and quickly arrests a local poacher who pleads his innocence. Barnaby also suspects that he is not the murderer and his suspicions are found to be true when the poacher's father is later found dead at the same place. Barnaby and Troy are brought to the case and investigate a village full of toffs (Richard Johnson, Diane Fletcher, Simon McBurney) who are all unwilling to give much away, but when Pringle is also killed, it soon becomes clear a dark secret is being kept buried out of sight...

Series 4 (2000 - 2001)

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate Filming Date Viewers (millions)

14 1 "Garden of Death" Peter Smith Christopher Russell 10 September 2000 June/July 2000 7.65

The Inkpen family cause controversy in Midsomer Deverell as they are planning to turn their popular public memorial garden into a commercial tea shop. A village meeting is held where Elspeth Inkpen announces to the shocked villagers that it is none of their business, only for her daughter to be later found murdered, killed with a shovel that evening. 24 hours later, Elspeth is found dead in an apparent suicide. Barnaby and Troy's investigation takes them to a father and daughter who are mourning their missing wife/mother, and to a violent man with a shotgun. There are also the two remaining Inkpens - one is the snobbish grandmother and the other is the illegitimate daughter who was adopted for most of her life but returned to get to know her mother. One thing is certain - the village has much greed...

15 2 "Destroying Angel" David Tucker David Hoskins 26 August 2001 July/August 2000 9.99

Hotel owner Karl Wainwright has recently died, and splits his will among four beneficiaries - staff members of the hotel, including the manager, cook, and accountant. However, on the day of his funeral, one of the beneficiaries, hotel manager and Punch-and-Judy showman, Gregory Chambers, goes missing. When a search for him is conducted, a severed hand is found in the woods belonging to him, which soon prompts a murder investigation. When DCI Barnaby and DS Troy investigate the matter in the village of Midsomer Magna, and determine what happened to Gregory, death threats are sent to the remaining beneficiaries, and soon enough, the hotel cook is fatally poisoned to a slow death with a dangerous mushroom called Destroying Angel, while the accountant's husband is crushed under his own drinks cabinet. Barnaby soon begins to wonder if all the deaths are linked to the same killer, but when it turns out Gregory was in possession of an important document, he soon has to find out what it was, and who knew about it...
This is one of several episodes that contain veiled tributes to classic mystery stories; the Amanita "Destroying Angel" mushroom is the same one used in Dorothy L. Sayers' "The Documents in the Case".

16 3 "The Electric Vendetta" Peter Smith Terry Hodgkinson 2 September 2001 August/September 2000 9.99

UFO mania hits Midsomer Parva when a man's naked body is found electrocuted in a crop circle in Sir Harry Chatwyn's (John Woodvine) wheat field. Local ufologist Lloyd Kirby (Kenneth Colley) is certain it's alien activity and appreciates the boost the murder's publicity has given his lecture and tour business. Later that night the body of a local burglar is found with identical injuries in another circle, and both Barnaby and Troy find themselves determining exactly what is going on...

17 4 "Who Killed Cock Robin?" David Tucker Jeremy Paul 9 September 2001 September/October 2000 9.13

One night, a local doctor (Ian McNeice) returns home in his car in a drunken state. However, as he swerves round a corner in the road, his car hits an Irish horse whisperer who had just moved to the village of Newton Magna. DCI Barnaby and DS Troy arrive in the villageto investigate, but the man is nowhere to be found. During this time, Barnaby encounters an old adversary who had been imprisoned for a short while, who is helping to renovate the village, while his daughter is getting married to a local boy whose mother is missing. But when the father of the best man is found dead at the bottom of a well, the investigation really heats up, as Barnaby look into deception, affairs, and another murder...

18 5 "Dark Autumn" Jeremy Silberston Peter J. Hammond 16 September 2001 October/November 2000 9.77

Postman Dave Cutler is on his morning rounds when 1950s dance music is heard across the village of Goodman's Land. Later that morning Dave is discovered murdered. DCI Barnaby and Sergeant Troy arrive in the sinister village to discover that Dave was a flirtatious man who had many of the village's women over his shoulder. He had upset many husbands in the process. Did one of these angry husbands murder him? However, later that night a woman is murdered in shrubbery near the village. Barnaby realises that most of the people in the village have adulterous relationships and that anyone could have a motive. But something is lurking in the autumn trees ready to murder and frighten.

Series 5 (2001 - 2002)

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate Filming Date Viewers (millions)

19 1 "Tainted Fruit" Peter Smith David Hoskins 23 September 2001 April/May 2001 9.80

Barnaby and Troy find themselves heading to the village of Midsomer Malham to investigate death threats against Melissa Townsend (Lucy Punch), the beautiful daughter at the big house, whom some of the villagers blame for causing the death of a local poacher by failing to get the leaking roof of his cottage mended. Soon, barbiturates are stolen from Raif (John McGlynn) and Georgina Canning's (Eleanor David) veterinary surgery, and the district nurse is found slumped at her wheel, in her crashed car, in a confused state, following an evening event. Barnaby and Troy are quick to dash to the Manor, fearing the drugs theft may be connected to the death threats but Melissa is already lying dead by the swimming pool with a syringe in her stomach, leading to the detectives investigating a web of greed, hate, lies, and a possible connection the nurse's current situation...

20 2 "Ring Out Your Dead" Sarah Hellings Christopher Russell 15 September 2002 June/July 2001 9.43

The bell-ringers of Midsomer Wellow have got good luck and high hopes, when they win £30,000 from a horse race, days before an important bell-ringing competition, though their church bell-ringing enrages some residents of the village, who seek to stop them. But when one of the ringers, recently thrown out by his wife, is found in the belfry, shot through the heart and clutching the words "Ding Dong Bell", Barnaby is not amused, and has to look into a case where obsession, pride and more seem rooted into the murder. The matter soon becomes complicated, when two more bell-ringers are killed, one shot during their wedding, and Barnaby has to wonder if the murders are connected to the competition, or an event that occurred in the late 19th century...

21 3 "Murder on St. Malley's Day" Peter Smith Andrew Payne 22 September 2002 July/August 2001 9.52

Daniel Talbot (Sam Crane) and his distinguished grandfather had a lot in common - they both attended the prestigious Devington School, belonged to the secretive Pudding Club, and ran in the school's St. Malley's Day race. Shortly after Daniel's grandfather dies, Daniel is attacked during the race and dies upon returning to the school. Anthony Talbot (Jeremy Child) insists that the murderer must be a jealous member of the nearby village of Midsomer Parva, but the pair soon find that the murder may be more connected to the school, and it isn't long before more bodies turn up. One thing is certain, the other members of the Pudding Club know more than they're letting on and both Barnaby and Troy must first break the silence that shrouds the club to find the culprit...

22 4 "Market For Murder" Sarah Hellings Andrew Payne 16 June 2002 September/October 2001 8.99

DCI Barnaby and Sergeant Troy arrive in the village of Midsomer Market to investigate a recent attack on an owner's car that nearly killed them, but are soon distracted from this when old Marjorie Empson is found murdered, having been hit over the head with her own walking stick. Barnaby and Troy investigations lead then to discover that she, and several other women, ran a book club which secretly invested in the stock market. As they interview the other members of the club, another horrific murder is committed and Barnaby begins to doubt the evidence at hand, as he tries to unravel secrets, lies and more to determine who killed Empson, and it soon becomes clear the killer may have been someone privy to many secrets...

23 5 "A Worm in the Bud" David Tucker Michael Russell 23 June 2002 October/November 2001 9.37

A dispute arises in Midsomer Worthy over the proposed development of Setwale Wood, which looks set to go ahead, despite opposition against it. Meanwhile, young Julie Fielding (Clarista Hoult), who loves to tease her brother with stories of robbers and bears prowling in the woods, is not taken seriously when she comes home with the tale of a woman she found "sleeping" in the woods until a body is discovered, of local farmer's wife Susan Bartlett. Susan was believed to have suffered from depression and the village is convinced she killed herself, but Barnaby doesn't like jumping to conclusions, so he and Troy investigate with a little help from Julie and her brother - and soon discover lies, witchcraft and more, when the person developing the woods is later found dead...

Series 6 (2003)

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate Filming Date Viewers (millions)

24 1 "A Talent for Life" Sarah Hellings David Hoskins 3 January 2003 May/June 2002 9.23

When Barnaby starts a casual investigation into a slap on the face after the Malham Bridge Fly Fishing Club meeting, he has no reason to expect it to lead to the double murder of eccentric widow Isobel Hewitt (Honor Blackman) and adulterous doctor Duncan Goff (Richard Durden). Troy soon begins to suspect Isobel's younger "friend", antique dealer Quentin Roka (Philip Franks), as the pair try to find out who wanted the pair dead, suspecting one was killed to prevent revealing the death of the other...

25 2 "Death and Dreams" Peter Smith Peter J. Hammond 10 January 2003 June/July 2002 9.46

When Martin Wroath is found shot dead in his Midsomer Worthy home, it's assumed he had committed suicide in an unnecessarily complex fashion. However, in Midsomer County, things are never that simple, and Barnaby is more than convinced he was murdered. So when another man is found dead, drowned and strung up on an assault course, he immediately suspects hatred, jealously and more lie within the roots of the case, and it soon becomes clear that something is indeed wrong at a local cottage hospital, especially when rope goes missing in the village, and Barnaby is nearly strangled too...

26 3 "Painted In Blood" Sarah Hellings Andrew Payne 17 January 2003 July/August 2002 9.45

When Ruth Fairfax, an elderly lady, is found by Joyce Barnaby (Jane Wymark), murdered during an open-air art class on the Midsomer Florey village green, it soon turns out to be a 30-year-old woman with a flair for disguise and possible police background. Almost as soon as she is identified, Barnaby is pulled off the case by the NIS. At first, Troy is dazzled by the visiting detectives, who take him under their wing, but eventually he becomes disillusioned and helps Barnaby solve the case, when it turns out her murder maybe connected to a robbery in which a serious amount of cash still remains to be found by police...

27 4 "A Tale of Two Hamlets" Peter Smith Alan Plater 24 January 2003 September/October 2002 9.28

Arrogant actor, Larry Smith is killed when he walks into a summer house that subsequently explodes, while promoting a sequel to a major hit film he performed in, The House Of Satan. Barnaby tries to learn what he can when he ventures to Upper Warden, as Larry's family place the blame on a rival village, Lower Warden, but when Smith's director, Frank Webster, is then electrocuted on his exercise bike, Barnaby and Troy soon discover a century old dispute between the two villages, along with affairs and other secrets...

28 5 "Birds of Prey" Jeremy Silberston Michael Russell 31 January 2003 October/November 2002 9.32

When an investor in a millionaire's latest scheme becomes desperate to get his money out, only to be found dead in a lake the next day, it raises the question of whether he killed himself or someone else did it for him, as Barnaby investigates the matter in Midsomer Magna. Troy, meanwhile, is tramping around the woods with an attractive wildlife liaison officer (Candida Benson) looking into the theft of protected bird eggs. But both find their investigations crossing over, when another murder is committed on a man with an illegal collection of birds eggs, and it soon becomes clear that something is going on at the millionaire's manor, particularly when the pair discover that the scheme was being used to defraud many. The pair wonder whether someone was willing to kill, to keep the scheme going....

Series 7 (2003 - 2004)

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate Filming Date Viewers (millions)

29 1 "The Green Man" Sarah Hellings Michael Russell 2 November 2003 May/June 2003 10.01

Troy has received his promotion to Inspector and tackles one last case alone before he prepares to leave Midsomer county behind - unravelling the murder of a youth in Midsomer Worthy. The boy had tangled with a man simply known as Tom (David Bradley), a quiet recluse who lives in the woods, and was shot with a gun that he had only used on the night of his death, to shoot at animals, and its not long before another young man is killed as well. While Troy handles the current investigation, Barnaby, meanwhile, looks into the unnatural death of a man whose skeleton was one of many unearthed by a tunnel collapse during the restoration of a canal project, but whose teeth are more closer to modern times than those he was found with...
Last regular appearance of DS Gavin Troy

30 2 "Bad Tidings" Peter Smith Peter J. Hammond 4 January 2004 June/July 2003 9.96

Barnaby's cocky new sergeant, DS Dan Scott (John Hopkins), arrives from London and jumps right in when a woman is found in a Midsomer Mallow field, stabbed to death and left with a red rose in her mouth, shortly after a Spanish themed evening. As Barnaby investigates, he soon has another murder to deal with, when a retired doctor is found dead during a the village's open day. It soon becomes clear that both knew a secret about one of the village's residents. Something, someone is keen to keep quiet about, at all costs. Meanwhile, Barnaby's daughter Cully (Laura Howard) sets up a reunion of old school friends that doesn't go quite as she planned...
First appearance of DS Dan Scott

31 3 "The Fisher King" Richard Holthouse Isabelle Grey 11 January 2004 July/August 2003 9.71

Womaniser Gareth Heldman (Henry Ian Cusick) is murdered by a Celtic spear on Midsomer Barrow shortly after he was seen coming onto newcomer Vanessa Stone (Susannah Doyle). The spear was last seen in the hands of her boyfriend Harry Green (Nick Barber), the river-keeper, and the man who discovers the body turns out to be Heldman's half-brother. He's obsessed with holding a celebration of the summer solstice on the barrow, while Barnaby and Scott try to untangle the complicated threads of past and present to uncover the killer, until the summer solstice celebrations are opened by murder...

32 4 "Sins of Commission" Peter Smith Elizabeth-Anne Wheal 18 January 2004 September/October 2003 10.17

It's the 12th Midsomer St Michael Literary Festival, and the village has become a hotbed of feuding writers, editors and publishers. Then a prize-winning author is found at the foot of his stairs with his neck expertly broken, indicating the killer may have had army training. Suspicion falls on Cully's friend, John Denton (Robert Whitelock), former SAS man turned writer, and it soon becomes a complicated matter for Barnaby and Scott, when another writer is pushed off a roof to their death, during an event of the festival...

33 5 "The Maid in Splendour" Richard Holthouse Andrew Payne 25 January 2004 October/November 2003 10.24

Jamie Cruickshank (Leon Ockenden), a popular barman at the Maid In Splendour pub, is found shot in the back near an abandoned cottage in the woods. The pub in Midsomer Worthy is the centre of conflict between the locals and commercial developers alike its thoroughly disliked new manager Stephen Bannerman (Alan Cox) is threatening to tear it down. When Bannerman also dies, it seems Jamie's death may have been a case of mistaken identity...

34 6 "The Straw Woman" Sarah Hellings Jeff Dodds 29 February 2004 November/December 2003 10.03

The revival of a pagan festival in Midsomer Parva, that includes setting fire to a straw woman in effigy, ends in tragedy when the church's curate is burned alive inside. The community quickly turns against the bonfire's organiser, school teacher Liz Francis (Susannah Wise), but the curate had also been in conflict with pornographer Alan Clifford (Keith Barron). Severed pigs' heads, spontaneous human combustion and accusations of witchcraft complicate a case that ends in tragedy, as more deaths occur...

35 7 "Ghosts of Christmas Past" Renny Rye David Hoskins 25 December 2004 January/February 2004 6.90

Nine years ago, magician Ferdinand Villiers, committed suicide at his family's home of Draycott Hall just before Christmas. In the present, the extended Villiers family gather to celebrate Christmas but a note in a Christmas cracker distracts everybody from the celebrations, when it announces that two family members will be murdered by midnight on Boxing Day. Everyone assumes it to be a joke, but when old Aunt Lydia is almost killed by smoke suffocation but then later pushed to her death down the hall's stairs, Barnaby comes in to solve the case as a way to avoid his in-laws. The prophecy soon comes to be true, when another member is killed in a gun accident, and Barnaby and Scott try to fathom out who is lying to them, and whether there may be a connection to events nine years ago, surrounding the suicide...

Series 8 (2004 - 2005)

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate Filming Date Viewers (millions)

36 1 "Things That Go Bump in the Night" Peter Smith Peter J. Hammond 10 October 2004 May/June 2004 8.56

In Fletcher's Cross, the local undertaker, Patrick Pennyman, is found dead in his own chapel of rest, bludgeoned by a heavy object while left with a shocked look on his face. Suspicion soon point at the local spiritualist church which is heavily controversial in the village, and Barnaby and Scott find themselves trying to uncover why the undertaker was killed. When a woman investigating both the undertaker and the church on suspicions of stealing items from the dead and using information acquired from them, is herself murdered shortly after leaving Barnaby's wife, Joyce, it soon becomes clear someone is trying to cover up something...

37 2 "Dead in the Water" Renny Rye Douglas Watkinson 17 October 2004 June/July 2004 9.13

When the body of Guy Sweetman (Benedict Blythe) is found in the river at Morton Shallows, on the day of the annual Midsomer Regatta, questions are raised as to who wanted him dead. Guy was a ladies' man with many enemies and Barnaby and Scott have to sift through all the evidence working out whose innocent and whose guilty, to discover the truth. It soon becomes clear that Guy was planning something with others, but whatever it was, Barnaby has to uncover it fast, as a woman who loved Guy is attacked and nearly killed...

38 3 "Orchis Fatalis" Peter Smith Terry Hodgkinson 9 January 2005 July/August 2004 8.74

It's the Midsomer Malham Orchid Society's annual show, and the competition is fierce. Perhaps rather fiercer than usual, when a classics scholar is found poisoned. Seeking to understand who killed her, Barnaby and Scott soon have another murder on hand, and when they learn the pair had been involved in smuggling in a rare, priceless, one-of-a-kind yellow Roth orchid, illegally smuggled out of Borneo, Barnaby suspects it to be the motive for the murders. He soon has to wonder who killed the pair, and where the orchid has gotten to, using the scholar's journal, written in Latin and detailing her rather naughty activities, to provides clues...

39 4 "Bantling Boy" Sarah Hellings Steve Trafford 16 January 2005 September/October 2004 8.80

Horse trainer and wife-beater, Bruce Hartley (Simon Kunz), is killed after refusing to go along with the other owners and sell their racehorse, Bantling Boy, following a successful day at the races. Barnaby and Scott find themselves trying to delve in between a web of lies and more, but soon find that the syndicate is based on a dark secret, and as one death follows another, Barnaby and Scott are drawn deeper into the owners' lives and trying to work out what the secret is...

40 5 "Second Sight" Richard Holthouse Tony Etchells 23 January 2005 October/November 2004 8.69

John Ransom collapses and dies outside a pub after a fight with his brother-in-law, over the upcoming baptism of his niece. When examined he is found to have electrical scars across the top of his head, from being a lab rabbit for his brother "Mad" Max, who was conducting experiments on his sibling, suspecting him of having an ability known as "Second Sight" to predict events that should be unpredictable. Barnaby and Scott investigate the strange world of Midsomer Mere, where the local church has lost its congregation and tensions between the Ransom and Kirby families run high, trying to determine if the ability is real, and who wanted John dead, only for more members of the Ransom family to be suddenly murdered...

41 6 "Hidden Depths" Sarah Hellings David Hoskins 13 March 2005 November/December 2004 8.56

In Midsomer Magna, solicitor Nick Turner falls from his roof in an apparent suicide. However, Barnaby uncovers evidence to suggest the opposite, as Turner's neighbour Jack Wilmot has gone missing and a number of dodgy deals are soon discovered, involving wine. And when Turner's rival Otto Benham is found to have been killed with catapulted wine bottles, in view of his wife, the investigation takes a sinister turn for the worse. Then Barnaby and Scott are locked in a wine cellar with the killer still at large, as they try to fathom out the motive, and soon discover something was not what it seemed...

42 7 "Sauce for the Goose" Renny Rye Andrew Payne 3 April 2005 January/February 2005 9.73

At the general meeting of Plummer & Son Famous Relish in Little Upton, Ralph Plummer (James Fleet) angers his siblings by refusing to sell the floundering business. A mystery visitor on a tour of the factory is soon found dead the morning after, discovered naked in the sterilizer, and Barnaby finds himself investigating the makers of his father's favourite condiment, to determine what was going on...

43 8 "Midsomer Rhapsody" Richard Holthouse Richard Cameron 2 October 2005 February/March 2005 6.97

In Badger's Drift, retired music teacher Arthur Leggott is bludgeoned to death when confronting an intruder in his home who apparently came for the manuscript of a piece of music by the late composer Joan Alder. A valuable manuscript is then sold cheaply at auction, apparently showing another hand was involved with writing the piece. Predictably, where the manuscript goes, murders soon follow...
Last appearance of DS Dan Scott

Series 9 (2005 - 2006)

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate Filming Date Viewers (millions)

44 1 "The House in the Woods" Peter Smith Barry Simner 9 October 2005 May/June 2005 8.49

Local PC Ben Jones (Jason Hughes) steps into CID, and DS Scott's shoes, to help Barnaby investigate the garrotting of two house hunters outside a deserted, reputedly haunted house in Midsomer Newton. The owner is anxious to sell but the estate agent, Harriet Davis (Rebecca Egan) representing Charlie Magwood (George Baker), seems reluctant to let anyone see the property. Both Barnaby and Jones find themselves investigating affairs, fraud, and ghosts, and soon discover some hidden truths in regard to a crime that occurred years ago, in regards to Charlie's identical twin brother...
First appearance of DC Ben Jones

45 2 "Dead Letters" Renny Rye Peter J. Hammond 26 February 2006 June/July 2005 8.54

When the mother of a deceased one-time carnival queen is found dead in a stream, Barnaby has to once again dig up the past to solve the case. The Oak Apple Week celebrations are in full flow in the village of Midsomer Barton, and the carnival queen event is returning after an eight year absence, leaving Barnaby wondering if it has connections to the death...

46 3 "Vixen's Run" Peter Smith Michael Aitkens 5 March 2006 July/August 2005 8.94

Wealthy, eccentric and obese aristocrat Freddy Butler (Joss Ackland) drops dead after gathering all three of his wives at Haddington Hall. Although George Bullard is adamant his death is from natural causes, the case is far from simple, when Freddy's solicitor is killed in a house fire shortly afterwards and the will of Freddy's goes missing, leading Barnaby and Jones to investigate the family, and discover hidden secrets within it...

47 4 "Down Among the Dead Men" Renny Rye Douglas Watkinson 12 March 2006 September/October 2005 8.07

When expert blackmailer, Martin Barrett, is murdered in his kitchen in the village of Midsomer Worthy by shotgun, Barnaby finds plenty of suspects with motives - all victims of blackmail - but no real proof to link them to the murder. His investigations soon lead him to the seaside to determine who amongst the victims may have committed the deed. And it soon leads him investigating theft, deception, attempted blackmail, and hatred...

48 5 "Four Funerals and a Wedding" Sarah Hellings Elizabeth-Anne Wheal 24 September 2006 October/November 2005 7.29

In the village of Broughton, a ninety-year-old battle of the sexes has often occurred, with men trying to oppose an event that the women have managed to successfully hold without interruption, until it culminates with casualties on both sides - Mildred Danvers, an elderly woman who had returned on the day of a funeral and poisoned in her hotel room, and Rev. Anthony Gant, shot during a major event being held in the village green, in view of many. It soon becomes clear someone may have wished to kill both to cover up a dark truth, and soon Barnaby has to figure out who amongst the village wanted both dead, complicated further when Gant's curate is murdered next...

49 6 "Country Matters" Richard Holthouse Andrew Payne 10 September 2006 November/December 2005 5.80

Villagers in Elverton-cum-Latterly are up in arms and divided, over the building of a supermarket. Things soon come to a head when independent environmental supervisor, Frank Hopkirk, is found stabbed to death at a long-forgotten timberyard by a pair of children. When Barnaby and Jones investigate to determine who wanted Hopkirk dead, they find out that he secretly came to the village under various aliases for sexual rendezvous with various women in fantasy role-playing scenarios, and that he had been making further investigations on the future development site and having doubts over claims it was contaminated. Either someone didn't like his investigations, or someone didn't like his sexual appetite, but either way, Barnaby finds himself investigating lies and more to uncover the truth...

50 7 "Death in Chorus" Sarah Hellings David Lawrence 3 September 2006 January/February 2006 6.28

Barnaby and DC Ben Jones (Jason Hughes) find themselves attempting to unravel the deaths of a choir tenor, and later a bird watcher, before more murders occur. The case is complicated by a rivalry between the Midsomer Worthy and Aston Wherry choirs, due to compete in an upcoming competition, and suspicions that an art scam is to be conducted, and soon Barnaby and Jones become concerned about a local woman, who they fear may become a victim herself. Particularly when it becomes clear the bird watcher had been photographing suspicious activity of late...

51 8 "Last Year's Model" Richard Holthouse David Hoskins 17 September 2006 February/March 2006 6.78

A few months ago, Annie Woodrow was arrested, accused of murdering her friend, Frances Trevelyan, on the motive of wanting Frances' husband. Her time in court has come, but DCI Barnaby is certain she still is holding things back in regards to the murder, and decides to monitor the trial. Yet a chance remark by Frances' youngest daughter, and a meeting with an old friend and psychiatrist, makes him begin to doubt the evidence for her conviction. Soon he and DC Jones, awaiting news of his promotion to DS, find themselves reinvestigating the case, and it soon becomes clear that they may have missed details that could implicate another in the murder...

Series 10 (2006 - 2008)

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate Filming Date Viewers (millions)

52 1 "Dance with the Dead" Peter Smith Peter J. Hammond 12 November 2006 May/June 2006 7.80

When a young man is found dead in his vintage car on an airfield near Morton Fendle, Barnaby and Jones must investigate. Initially, it looks as if Simon Bright killed himself using the car's exhaust fumes, but it soon becomes clear that foul play was at work and someone had murdered him. The detectives quickly realise that Simon's girlfriend, Laura, was with him and has suddenly disappeared, so they begin the search for her and try to establish whether she is a victim in all this or a culprit. But there are plenty of other suspicious characters in this tight-knit community, and the pair soon find themselves dealing with a second murder...

53 2 "The Animal Within" Renny Rye David Hoskins 19 January 2007 June/July 2006 6.95

When Faith Alexander (Lisa Eichhorn) arrives in Midsomer County to meet her long-lost uncle Rex Masters, she gets a shock - Rex's staff had been told that she was dead. Things become even more complex when Rex's body is found in a nearby river, bearing wounds that suggest he was murdered. Barnaby and Jones are soon on the case, trying to establish who would have wanted the elderly man dead. Several people soon come forward with multiples wills, which confuse the matter, but when two more people, close friends of Rex, are also murdered, the investigation raises question on the motive, leading Barnaby to wonder if it was down to finances, passion, or something from Rex's past...

54 3 "King's Crystal" Peter Smith Steve Trafford 26 January 2007 July/August 2006 6.88

Following the death of Alan King while on a business trip to China, the family company, King's Crystal, is in financial trouble. As plans to shut the Midsomer Magna factory are being put into action, Alan's wife Hilary and brother Charles are married in the village church - much to the dismay of Alan's son Ian. In addition to strife between members of the family, the factory workers are outraged at the loss of their jobs. So when company accountant Peter Baxter is found murdered, Barnaby and Jones suspect a disgruntled employee is to blame. But in order to investigate the matter further, Jones is forced to work undercover, and infiltrate the local group of Freemasons in the village...

55 4 "The Axeman Cometh" Renny Rye Michael Aitkens 2 February 2007 August/September 2006 6.87

The music lovers of Midsomer County are delighted when a host of bands arrives for the Midsomer Rocks festival. Barnaby himself is particularly looking forward to seeing recently re-formed rock band, Hired Gun, perform on stage, but he soon gets close to the band for rather unfortunate reasons. During their opening performance, the band's singer, Mimi, falls to the ground dead - electrocuted by a wire that had been run through the microphone stand. Barnaby and Jones soon find the rest of the band could be targets, and when another is killed, questions are raised as to whether former band member, Ginger Foxton, who went missing for 30 years and is presumed dead, is still at large. The detectives soon have to delve into a world of rock music, drug use and greed, to find the truth...
First appearance of Simon Dixon (Sam Hazeldine)

56 5 "Death and Dust" Sarah Hellings Douglas Watkinson 8 May 2007 (2007-05-08) October/November 2006 6.18

The suspicious death of popular young GP Dr Alan Delaney brings Barnaby and Jones to Midsomer Market to investigate. The detectives are baffled as to a motive for murder - until they consider that the newly engaged Dr James Kirkwood may have been the intended victim. Before long, Barnaby and Jones are heading to Wales - former home to Delyth Mostyn, James's fiancee, to delve deeper into the mystery. There are certainly possible suspects in the murder and attempt on Kirkwood, from Delyth's children, who oppose the engagement, her Delyth's husband, and more, as the detectives investigate things, in hopes of uncovering the truth before a major walk is to take place on Mount Snowdon...

57 6 "Picture of Innocence" Richard Holthouse Andrew Payne 3 June 2007 November/December 2006 7.31

In the build-up to Luxton Deeping's annual photographic exhibition, a battle rages between the traditional and digital photographers of the pretty village. The dispute seems harmless enough - until Lionel Bell is found murdered in a nearby woodland, strangled with the cord of his light meter. Barnaby soon gets to work tracking down the killer, but it seems someone is trying to implicate the detective in the murder. And once he is replaced on the case, finding the culprit seems less likely than ever, as his replacement is more concerned of an upcoming wedding than the investigation. Barnaby is forced to work off the case to uncover who is framing him, and who wants dead other photographers in the village...

58 7 "They Seek Him Here" Sarah Hellings Barry Purchese 27 April 2008 January/February 2007 7.98

The residents of Midsomer Magna are thrilled when a production crew arrives at the local manor house to film a version of The Scarlet Pimpernel. But the crew members aren't the only visitors to the area - Jones has spotted notorious criminal George Ince nearby. But when the director, Nick Cheney, is found dead - his head severed by a prop guillotine - Barnaby must discover who would have wanted the victim dead. It soon becomes clear that things are not so simple, and the detectives soon have to shift through varying motives, layered by lies, hidden truths, and a possible robbery to be committed...

59 8 "Death in a Chocolate Box" Richard Holthouse Tony Etchells 11 May 2008 February/March 2007 6.88

Barnaby is in Midsomer Holm, bidding farewell to reformed criminal Ronnie Tyler, who has taken part in a rehabilitation scheme in the village. Also present is disgraced ex-policeman Jack Colby, a former colleague of Barnaby's - but Jack refuses to talk to his old friend. When Jack is murdered, the detective must delve into the dark secrets in the victim's past. There are certainly dark secrets to uncover, and Barnaby has to determine whether the victim's part in a scandal years earlier at Causton police station, is key to the mystery behind his death. It isn't long before he finds that Eddie Masdon is attempting blackmail, and soon murdered as a result, and that Lord Holm is in love Jack's wife, psychotherapist Gina...

Series 11 (2008 - 2010)

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate Filming Date Viewers (millions)

60 1 "Blood Wedding" Peter Smith David Lawrence 6 July 2008 June/July 2007 7.20

As the Barnabys prepare for Cully's wedding, Lord Fitzroy and Beth Porteous are married in the pretty village of Bledlow. At the lavish reception at Bledlow Hall that follows, however, tragedy strikes - maid of honour Marina Fellowes is found murdered in one of the rooms by some of the guests. With their honeymoon cancelled, the Fitzroys must contend with a police presence in their home, as Barnaby and Jones try to learn more about the family history. It soon becomes clear there are secrets, deception, and an illegtimate son involved in the mystery, which is further complicated when the estate manager is killed by an arrow...
Last appearance of Simon Dixon (Sam Hazeldine) and final, guest appearance of Gavin Troy (Daniel Casey)

61 2 "Shot At Dawn" Richard Holthouse Michael Aitkens 1 January 2008 July/August 2007 6.62

It's a good day for the Hicks family, as the name of Tommy Hicks - who was executed during World War I for "cowardice and desertion" - is added to the list on Midsomer Parva's war memorial. Tommy's son Lionel and grandson Dave, mayor of Causton and whom Barnaby does not like (owing to dodgy building work by the mayor's company), are thrilled, but the snooty Hammonds are decidedly less pleased. Henry, the patriarch of the Hammond family, is particularly riled by his insalubrious neighbours, and has nurtured a long-running feud with the Hickses. But the evening after a battle re-enactment in the village, Henry is murdered - and Barnaby must delve into the history of the two families to find the killer, discovering a web of fraud, lies, and hidden truths...

62 3 "Left for Dead" Renny Rye Michael Crompton 20 July 2008 August/September 2007 7.25

Barnaby and Jones are in Dunstan to investigate the deaths of a reclusive couple. As they try to establish whether Ron and Libby Wilson were murdered or died of natural causes, their attention is drawn to a dispute raging between a local builder and road protesters nearby. When another death occurs, the detectives learn that there are plenty of dark secrets and fierce hostilities in this apparently idyllic village. Will Jack Purdy's quick temper lead to violence? How far would the protesters go to prevent the bypass being built? And do current events somehow relate to the death of Michael Wilson many years earlier?

63 4 "Midsomer Life" Peter Smith David Hoskins 13 July 2008 October/November 2007 7.16

When the body of Londoner Charlie Finleyson is discovered in woodland near Midsomer Sonning, Barnaby and Jones find themselves investigating employees at local Midsomer Life magazine. It turns out the dead man was married to the ex-wife of Guy Sandys, the wealthy owner of the publication. As the detectives become aware of a feud between Guy and the proprietor of the Morecroft Hotel, tensions are also heating up between the locals and visiting Londoners. Soon Barnaby and Jones find themselves to trying to piece together the truth about the murder, and soon learn that someone might be trying to conceal something in their past...

64 5 "The Magician's Nephew" Richard Holthouse Michael Russell 27 July 2008 November/December 2007 7.01

A children's magic show goes horribly wrong when one of the performers dies during a trick. Barnaby and Jones discover that the victim was poisoned with a rare toxin extracted from Ecuadorean poison frogs - so the hunt is on for a particularly ruthless and imaginative killer. The detectives soon learn that a feud is raging between local occult practitioner Ernest Balliol and famous writer Aloysius Wilmington. While some of the villagers - such as Ernest's daughter Isolde - believe that powerful magical forces are at play, others think the reasons for the bloodshed may have their roots in the distant past. Barnaby and Jones soon find themselves delving into the occult, magic, and ancients books of power, to determine what happened, and soon sense a mixture of both might be the motive for the murder, when a book shop owner is killed with shattered glass, laced in the same poison...

65 6 "Days of Misrule" Renny Rye Elizabeth-Anne Wheal 24 December 2008 February/March 2008 5.89

Barnaby and Jones are forced to take part in a team building exercise and Tom has plenty of problems dealing with the young, new, acting Chief Superintendent, John Cotton (Nick Fletcher). Following an explosion in a truck that had been stored in a truck depot, a body is soon discovered in a nearby lake. It belongs to Alec Grainger, who had been seen arguing with James Parkes (Joseph Millson), the son of Colonel Matt Parkes (Tim Pigott-Smith). James appears to be involved in shady business deals and is blamed by his grandmother Caroline Halsey (Judy Parfitt) and others for the suicide of a woman he got pregnant two years before. Barnaby find themselves delving into a mixture of fraud, smuggling, and lies, trying to piece together the truth...

66 7 "Talking To The Dead" Sarah Hellings David Lawrence 5 May 2010 March/April 2008 5.92

When two couples vanish into thin air in the village of Monks Barton, Barnaby and Jones hear rumours of haunted woods and witchcraft. Barnaby remains sceptical of this, even when an unidentified body is found in a shallow grave and the missing start turning up dead. He soon has to determine if ghosts, criminals, or something else, is behind the abductions and murders...

Series 12 (2009 - 2010)

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate Filming Date Viewers (millions)

67 1 "The Dogleg Murders" Richard Holthouse Andrew Payne 22 July 2009 June/July 2008 6.14

No one could suspect that a prestigious golf club would be the setting for murder, but when one of the major members is found dead, bludgeoned to death in a thicket next to the 13th hole, Barnaby and Jones try to determine what made him leave the fairway. It seems the club has a rift between the snobbish members, and local villagers, the latter only allowed onto the course for a few hours a week. Before long, another member turns up dead, and the detectives soon find the club has a hidden history, involving gambling, illegal money lending and assault, prompting the pair to determine if a club member, or one of its staff, is responsible for the deeds...

68 2 "The Black Book" Peter Smith Nicholas Martin 5 August 2009 July/August 2008 6.28

A newly discovered masterpiece by landscape artist Henry Hogson causes a stir when it is auctioned for £400,000 just hours before its former owner is tortured and killed. When another Hogson is stolen, Barnaby decides to become an expert on the Midsomer painter, with the help of art teacher Matilda Simms (Susannah Harker). He soon realises the paintings are not what they seem but the death toll is rising.

69 3 "Secrets and Spies" Renny Rye Michael Aitkens 29 July 2009 August/September 2008 6.90

Former secret agent Geoffrey Larkin arrives in Midsomer Parva and stays at Allenby House, a country mansion run by former spies Sir Malcolm Frazer (Benjamin Whitrow), his son Nicky (Peter Davison) and Nicky's wife Jenny (Alice Krige) as a safe house. Geoffrey is soon gashed to death after a cricket match in Midsomer Parva, and the locals blame the 'beast of Midsomer'. However, Barnaby a former spy himself soon realises that the killing has links to Allenby House and Cold War Berlin, but is initially thrown off the case by MI6. But when a further murder occurs he is put back on the case.

70 4 "The Glitch" Richard Holthouse Michael Russell 23 September 2009 October/November 2008 6.34

Midsomer University science fellow George Jeffers threatens to make public a problem with his state-of-the-art invention Kernel Logic, but American software boss Clinton Finn fears he will lose millions if the truth comes out. When a schoolteacher is killed in a hit-and-run, Barnaby suspects Jeffers was the intended target.

71 5 "Small Mercies" Peter Smith Peter J. Hammond 28 October 2009 November/December 2008 6.43

In the peaceful village of Little Worthy, Bob Moss was about to open up his beloved model village, when he found a gruesome extra attraction. Young local, Richard Tanner, had been stabbed in the side and his corpse tied down like Gulliver in Lilliput. Barnaby and Jones wonder who wanted him dead, but when the woman he was secretly meeting is killed during the villages Crazy Craft race, the pair have to delve in and discover who might be lying and hiding secrets...

72 6 "The Creeper" Renny Rye Andrew Payne 27 January 2010 February/March 2009 6.35

A cat burglar is on the loose, one known as "the Creeper", but the wave of burglaries they have committed, seem to have finally led to murder, when David Roper (Rik Mayall) is found smothered in his bed on the Chettham family estate. Yet Barnaby and Jones learn he may have been planning to write a book that could have been quite uncomfortable for someone, leading the pair to determine whether members of the Chettham family, or their friends, were responsible...

73 7 "The Great and the Good" Richard Holthouse David Hoskins 14 April 2010 March/April 2009 5.46

A sleep-walking school teacher (Nancy Carroll) starts to believe she is slitting the throats of men in her sleep, but Barnaby is not convinced that she is the culprit. Will the annual Frobisher night go without a hitch and can they identify the killer?

Series 13 (2010 - 2011)

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate Filming Date Viewers (millions)

74 1 "The Made-to-Measure Murders" Peter Smith Andrew Payne 12 May 2010 June/July 2009 5.53

The residents of Milton Cross, a feudal estate with a church, farms, houses and acres of land, depend on lord of the manor Edward Milton for their livelihoods. But when Sonia Woodley is stabbed in the churchyard two years after the death of her abusive husband Gerald, Barnaby and Jones investigate, trying to work out who killed her. It soon becomes clear someone took a pair of tailor scissors to do the deed, but who amongst the villagers could have done so, is unclear, and the investigation is complicated, when the pair learn the local reverend had received a letter from Sonia. When he himself is killed, the pair believe something in the letter may be key to solving the mystery...

75 2 "The Sword of Guillaume" Renny Rye Michael Aitkens 10 February 2010 July/August 2009 7.02

Barnaby is not convinced about Mayor David Hicks plans to revive an annual trip to Brighton, suspecting his proposal to buy coastal land there, is rather a fraudulent scheme. Naturally, he joins the trip, but during their time in Brighton, a hated property developer is beheaded on a ghost house ride, prompting Barnaby to team up with his cousin to determine whether the developers renters, the mayor, a gloomy reverend, or the lady of a large estate are responsible, and soon discovers a hotbed of jealously, debt, lies and more, conceal a far darker secret...
First appearance of John Barnaby

76 3 "Blood on the Saddle" Richard Holthouse David Lawrence 8 September 2010 August/September 2009 6.07

Ford Florey is a town with a Wild West Society and many grudges. During a Wild West show at the local faire, the witch on the 'Dunk the Witch' stall is well and truly dunked but laughter soon turns to horror when she doesn't get up and the water in the tank starts to turn red. Barnaby and Jones need to be quick on the draw to track down the murderer, and soon begin to wonder whether a dispute over land was the motive, or something far more sinister, especially when more people are killed, with methods linked to the Wild West...

77 4 "The Silent Land" Peter Smith Peter J. Hammond 22 September 2010 October/November 2009 5.45

On a dark night in the village of March Magna, Barnaby's wife Joyce swerves her car and narrowly misses a shadowy figure in the road - or so she thinks, when later that night a body is discovered in the old cemetery. The victim was a member of the council who was strange and weird, but someone seemed to have quite a grudge on him, and so Barnaby and Jones delve into his background, and the village, attempting to determine who might have wanted him dead, finding ghosts, grudges, and more beneath the village's surface...

78 5 "Master Class" Renny Rye Nicholas Martin 6 October 2010 February/March 2010 6.10

Piano student Zoe Stock has won a place at the Devington Manor Winter School led by internationally renowned musician, Sir Michael Fielding. Yet when she is there, things become mysterious when from the river bank in the grounds of the manor she sees a woman jump from the bridge and disappear underwater. When Barnaby and Jones start investigating the possible drowning, they discover unsavoury connections to the past that could prove lethal 20 years later, especially when someone attempts to kill. It isn't long, before murder does occur, and the detectives attempt to fathom what occurred in the drowning, and the present day murders...

79 6 "The Noble Art" Richard Holthouse Barry Purchese 13 October 2010 April 2010 5.70

When Midsomer Morchard's very own boxer, John Kinsella, wins a world title in New York, the success seems to be a joyous time for all, until murder rears its ugly head. When a local solicitor is found dead by his assistant and Kinsella's manager, Barnaby attempts to determine what is going on, and soon discover issues with inheritance, affairs, anger, and gambling to make matters difficult. When a re-enactment of a Victorian boxing match gets heated, and Kinsella's manager is found dead in his home's gym, the pair attempt to determine who is responsible, although Barnaby's judgement seems to be clouded on this one...

80 7 "Not in My Back Yard" Peter Smith J.C. Wilsher 12 January 2011 May/June 2010 6.93

A planning dispute turns to murder, after a leading light in the Midsomer Conservation Society suspects her neighbours are involved in a money-making development scam. Political wrangling, burglaries and sexual liaisons abound in picturesque Great Pelfe - but when a member of the possible scam is themselves murdered, Barnaby wonders what is truly going on behind the scenes of an important by-election...

81 8 "Fit for Murder" Renny Rye Andrew Payne 2 February 2011 June/July 2010 8.10

Barnaby reluctantly accompanies Joyce on a spa weekend to Swavely Manor. But as he attempts to de-stress, a woman is found dead in the flotation chamber. He abandons his treatment to investigate, but his personal worries are never far away as he contemplates his future, while trying to determine if an argument between the spa's owners and their neighbours is the motive, or something else...
Last appearance of Tom Barnaby, (John Nettles) Joyce Barnaby (Jane Wymark), Cully Barnaby (Laura Howard), and DC Gail Stevens (Kirsty Dillon)

Series 14 (2011 - 2012)

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate Filming Date Viewers (millions)
(Includes ITV HD and ITV1+1)

82 1 "Death in the Slow Lane" Richard Holthouse Michael Aitkens 23 March 2011 July/August 2010 6.44

New DCI John Barnaby arrives in Midsomer and is bemused by the quaint villages and their quirky residents. But when a local DJ is crushed to death at a traditional girls' boarding school, he soon discovers that murder and deception are never far away. As the death toll rises, could Barnaby's first case also be his last?
First appearance of Sykes the dog

83 2 "Dark Secrets" Simon Langton Michael Aitkens 30 March 2011 August/September 2010 6.32

The reclusive lives of elderly eccentrics William and Mary Bingham comes under police scrutiny when a social services investigator is murdered. Barnaby and Jones must unearth generations of family secrets and decipher astronomical charts to find the killer.
First appearance of Sarah Barnaby

84 3 "Echoes of the Dead" Nick Laughland Peter J. Hammond 20 April 2011 September/October 2010 5.47

When a young woman is dressed like a bride and drowned in a bath, it triggers a spate of ghoulish wedding-themed murders in Great Worthy. The case takes Barnaby and Jones to a donkey sanctuary, a heritage steam railway and a pub run by an ex-copper and former brothel madam. With the serial killer still at large, could history be repeating itself?

85 4 "The Oblong Murders" Renny Rye David Hoskins 25 May 2011 October/November 2010 5.33

Jones goes undercover at the Oblong Foundation after one of the cult's young female members disappears suddenly. But he and Barnaby soon start digging into an old case involving the death of a couple in a boat explosion.
Last appearance of Dr. George Bullard (Barry Jackson)

86 5 "The Sleeper Under The Hill" Nick Laughland David Lawrence 21 September 2011 March/April 2011 5.83

In Midsomer Mow, the gruesome discovery of a farmer's eviscerated body in an ancient stone circle is made just days before the spring equinox.
First appearance of Dr. Kate Wilding

87 6 "The Night of the Stag" Simon Langton Nicholas Martin 12 October 2011 May/June 2011 6.04

A VAT inspector goes missing as he hunts for an illicit cider still responsible for brewing The Beast, a potent local hooch. At the Midsomer Abbas spring fayre which celebrates its friendship with Midsomer Herne, Barnaby and Jones sample the local cider, while temperance preacher Norman Grigor calls on residents to repent of their drunken ways. Suddenly, Barnaby is violently ill as the body of missing man Peter Slim is found floating in the cider vat.

88 7 "A Sacred Trust" Renny Rye Rachel Cuperman and Sally Griffiths 26 October 2011 June/July 2011 6.38

Barnaby and Jones investigate the cloistered world of Midsomer Priory when a nun is strangled to death. The detectives uncover a complex mystery involving holy orders, teenage romantic liaisons, African art and missing antique silver as the community is forced to open its doors to 21st-century policing.

89 8 "A Rare Bird" Nick Laughland Steve Trafford 11 January 2012 July/August 2011 6.43

A row between keen birdwatchers in Midsomer-in-the-Marsh turns nasty when their president is killed. Patrick Morgan met his death while hoping to sight a rare bird, but is his obsession with ornithology to blame or something more sinister?

Series 15 (2012 - 2013)

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate Filming Date Viewers (millions)
(Includes ITV HD and ITV+1)

90 1 "The Dark Rider" Alex Pillai Michael Aitkens 1 February 2012 September/October 2011 6.94

When Bentham DeQuetteville falls to his death from a roof after seeing a headless horseman, his aristocratic family seem more concerned about their forthcoming Civil War re-enactment than the incident. As Barnaby and Jones try to find out the truth behind the ghostly figure, their investigation uncovers shocking secrets about the DeQuettevilles.

91 2 "Murder of Innocence" Renny Rye Elizabeth-Anne Wheal 21 March 2012 November/December 2011 5.60

When a barrister is killed in Midsomer, suspicion falls on convicted murderer Grady Felton. Grady has just returned to the village of Binwell where he committed the murder years ago amid much anger from locals. But Grady has a solid alibi. Barnaby suspects he is working with an accomplice until Grady himself is targeted in an arson attack.

93 3 "Written in the Stars" Renny Rye Steve Trafford 25 September 2012 May/June 2012 5.05

As darkness covers Midsomer Stanton during a total eclipse of the sun, amateur astronomer Jeremy Harper is killed by a blow to the head with a meteorite. Barnaby and Jones soon discover intrigue, sexual tension and academic rivalry are rife among the star-seeking community.

92 4 "Death and the Divas" Nick Laughland Rachel Cuperman and Sally Griffiths 2 January 2013 April/May 2012 6.49

The murder of a journalist has chilling echoes of a 1960s horror film starring Midsomer's own Stella Harris. When Stella's more famous sister returns after a 40-year family rift, the killings escalate, each reminiscent of a movie plot. Is life and death imitating art?

94 5 "The Sicilian Defence" Alex Pillai Paul Logue 9 January 2013 June/July 2012 6.95

Harriet Farmer wakes up after being in a coma since the night she tried to elope. Soon afterwards, a serial killer strikes members of a chess club. Could the attack which left Harriet for dead a year ago be linked to moves on a chess board? And where is her boyfriend Finn?

95 6 "Schooled in Murder" Andy Hay Lisa Holdsworth 30 January 2013 July/August 2012 6.89

When Debbie Moffett is crushed to death with a giant round of cheese at the home of the world-famous Midsomer Blue, secret and controversial plans to modernise the dairy are revealed while rumours about private lives of the parents cause a row at the prestigious local prep school. As other people linked to the dairy meet agonising deaths, long-held secrets start to emerge.
Last appearance of DS Ben Jones

Series 16 (2013 - 2014)

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate Filming Date Viewers (millions)
(Includes ITV HD and ITV+1)

96 1 "The Christmas Haunting" Nick Laughland Chris Murray 24 December 2013 June/July 2013 4.92

DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson investigate the fatal stabbing of a man with an antique sword during a ghost-hunting party at a haunted manor house. Is blacksmith's daughter Rose Wilton seeking revenge from the beyond the grave, or can Barnaby and Nelson find a more earthly motive behind the murder and trap the killer?
First appearance of DS Charlie Nelson

97 2 "Let Us Prey" Alex Pillai Paul Logue 8 January 2014 April/May 2013 6.06

A Series of murders in Midsomer St Claire seem to be inspired by macabre images on a medieval fresco recently discovered in the church crypt. As the village prepares for storms and flooding it appears that someone is using ancient torture methods to punish modern-day sinners. But who is responsible and why?

98 3 "Wild Harvest" Renny Rye Rachel Cuperman & Sally Griffiths 29 January 2014 May/June 2013 6.24

When Martin Strickland, a local farmer is found dead in his own woods; covered by truffle oil and mauled to death by a wild boar, the investigation leads Barnaby to Wyvern House, a posh picturesque country house restaurant run by a very passionate celebrity chef. But soon, another murder occurs and this time, the poison spreads further than the intended target.

99 4 "The Flying Club" Luke Watson Michael Aitkens 5 February 2014 July/August 2013 6.05

When the owner of Finchmere Airfield is dropped from a plane to meet a gruesome death, Barnaby and Nelson find the exciting world of stunt pilots and military heroes hides many dark secrets. Are anti-aircraft campaigners behind Bernard King's murder or does it link back to a tragic World War Two mission?

100 5 "The Killings of Copenhagen" Alex Pillai Paul Logue 12 February 2014 September/October 2013 6.54

DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson join forces with two female Danish police detectives after Eric Calder is poisoned by Strychnine coating when opening one of his famous golden clusters.
First appearance of baby Betty Barnaby

Series 17 (2015)

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate Filming Date Viewers (millions)
(Includes ITV+1)

101 1 "The Dagger Club" Alex Pillai Chris Murray 28 January 2015 April/May 2014 5.91

The unveiling of a newly-discovered novel by deceased Midsomer crime-writer George Summersbee at the Luxton Deeping Crime Festival is jeopardised when the manuscript is stolen and a woman is fatally electrocuted by a booby-trapped roulette wheel. Can new dad Barnaby untangle a web of jealousy and obsession to find the killer?

102 2 "Murder by Magic" Charles Palmer Rachel Cuperman & Sally Griffiths 4 February 2015 June/July 2014 5.59

Pub landlady Hannah Altman is crushed to death when a stunt goes wrong during a magic show by famous illusionist Gideon Latimer. When Kate discovers the safety wires have been sabotaged, a murder investigation is launched. Barnaby and Nelson uncover conflicts between the village church and Midsomer Oaks' ancient pagan traditions. But with the murders seemingly all linked to Gideon's illusions, who is staging the deathly tricks and why?

103 3 "Ballad of Midsomer County" Renny Rye Paul Logue 11 February 2015 May/June 2014 5.39

It's the day of the Little Crosby Folk Festival and organiser Toby Winning is found dead, having drowned in a bowl of eggs and live eels. The murder seems to have been inspired by a ballad made famous by the late, lamented star Johnny Carver. Then it comes to light the victim recently announced plans to move the event to a new location, which would have cost local entrepreneur Frank Wainwright dearly. Toby's estranged wife Alice also comes under suspicion, before two further killings take place, echoing more lyrics from the song.

104 4 "A Vintage Murder" Nick Laughland Lisa Holdsworth 18 February 2015 August 2014 5.03

The launch of the latest sparkling wine by Midsomer Vinae Winery falls flat when critic Nadia Simons gives it a scathing review, then guests sampling the vintage start to collapse. Owner William Carnarvon suspects the Farmers' Wives Association of trying to destroy his business, while his wife Diana frets over her mother Matilda, one of the victims. Pathologist Kate reveals the drink was laced with slug poison, but how is the attack connected to the death of a child in a hit-and-run? Barnaby and Nelson are called in to investigate.
Last appearance of Dr. Kate Wilding

Series 18 (2016)

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate Filming Date Viewers (millions)
(Includes ITV+1)

105 1 "Habeas Corpus" Alex Pillai Rachel Cuperman & Sally Griffiths 6 January 2016 March/April 2015 5.80

When wealthy landowner Gregory Lancaster's body goes missing on the night of his death, a sinister web of secrets and lies is exposed in the village of Little Malton. DCI Barnaby, DS Nelson and new Forensic Pathologist Kam Karimore are drawn into a macabre world of body-snatching as they seek to identify the villain.
First appearance of Dr. Kam Karimore

106 2 "Incident at Cooper Hill" Renny Rye Paul Logue 13 January 2016 April/May 2015 5.60

Mysterious lights are seen in the sky over famous UFO hot-spot Cooper Hill. When a local forest-ranger suffers a strange death, the visiting UFO spotters are convinced aliens are responsible. DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson unearth suspicions, betrayals and long-buried secrets in their search for the truth.

107 3 "Breaking the Chain" Rob Evans Chris Murray 27 January 2016 June/July 2015 5.10(overnight)

An international cycling competition comes to the Midsomer village of Burwood Mantle. When the race leader is murdered, DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson find themselves drawn into a ruthlessly competitive world of blackmail, bribery and bloodshed where winning comes at any cost.

108 4 "A Dying Art" Matt Carter Jeff Povey 3 February 2016 July/August 2015

Art comes to the picturesque Midsomer village of Angel's Rise with the opening of a new Sculpture Park. But when its launch is marred by murder, DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson have to get creative to crack a case where art imitates death, and everything has a deeper meaning.

109 5 "Saints and Sinners" Renny Rye Lisa Holdsworth 10 February 2016 August/September 2015

The discovery of a Saint's bones at an archaeological dig causes a stir in the village of Midsomer Cicely. But when the leader of the dig is murdered, DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson soon realise that it's not only skeletons that have been long buried in the hallowed ground.

110 6 "Harvest of Souls" Nick Laughland Caleb Ranson 17 February 2016 September/October 2015

The annual harvest fair and the daredevil riders of the Wall of Death come to Midsomer village Whitcombe Mallet. When the owner of an equestrian centre is trampled by his horse DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson have to unravel a complex feud from the past, where nothing is what it seems.

Series 19 (2017)

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate Filming Date Viewers (millions)
(Includes ITV+1)

111 1 "The Village That Rose From The Dead" Nick Laughland Rachel Cuperman & Sally Griffiths 18 December 2016

The ghost village of Little Auburn has been abandoned since the war. When a young man is found murdered during its grand reopening, DCI Barnaby and DS Winter must unravel a sinister web of lies from both past and present in order to catch the killer.

112 2 "Crime and Punishment" Renny Rye Paul Logue 4 January 2017

The Bleakridge Watch patrols the streets of their remote village, exposing anyone who steps outside the law. When one of their members dies, DCI Barnaby and DS Winter uncover just how far some people will go for power....

113 3 "Last Man Out" Rob Evans Chris Murray

Tensions run high in Lower Pampling as a new type of cricket threatens a century of tradition. When a star cricketer dies during a tournament, DCI Barnaby and DS Winter's investigation draws them into a dangerous game with a surprise visitor from Barnaby's past.....

114 4 "Red in Tooth and Claw" Matt Carter Jeff Povey

When DCI Barnaby and DS Winter discover a dead body covered in live rabbits it reveals a sinister side to the local pet show. Is this a rivalry taken too far or is the killer driven by something darker?

115 5 "Death by Persuasion" Alex Pillai Chris Murray

When a young girl slips away from a Jane Austen weekend dressed in period attire and is found stabbed in the woods, DCI Barnaby and DS Winter need to look back in time to find the killer.

116 6 "The Curse Of The Ninth" Matt Carter Julia Gilbert

When the winner of a music award is brutally murdered and a priceless violin stolen, Barnaby and Winter's investiations lead them deep into a world haunted by a potentially deadly curse

Series 20 (2018)

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate Filming Date Viewers (millions)
(Includes ITV+1)

117 1 "The Ghost Of Causton Abbey" Matt Carter

118 2 "Death of the Small Coppers" Paul Harrison Chris Murray

119 3 "Drawing Dead" Toby Frow Jeff Povey

120 4 "The Lions of Causton" Matt Carter

121 5 "Till Death Do Us Part"

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