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100 Rifles

100 Rifles a 1969 western directed by Tom Gries based on Robert MacLeod's 1966 novel The Californio, stars Jim Brown, Burt Reynolds, Raquel Welch and Fernando Lamas. Filmed in Almeria, Spain. The original music score was composed by Jerry Goldsmith.

In 1912 Sonora, Mexico, Lyedecker (Brown) is an Arizona lawman who travels to a remote village looking for Yaqui Joe (Reynolds), a half-Native, half-white bank robber who has stolen $6,000 (in Arizona) to buy 100 rifles for his Yaqui people who are being repressed by the government.

Lyedecker is not concerned with Yaqui Joe's cause of helping his tribe, and all he cares about is getting the money returned to a Phoenix bank within his jurisdiction. The two men escape to the hills where they are joined by Sarita (Welch), a beautiful Indian revolutionary. They eventually become allies and fight for the Indians.

Taking over the leadership of the Yaquis, Lyedecker ambushes Verdugo's train while Sarita distracts the attention of the soldiers on board by taking a public shower. The train is later derailed in a town and the culmination of the film is a fierce gun battle which Yaqui Joe and his people finally win.


Jim Brown as Lyedecker Raquel Welch as Sarita
Burt Reynolds as Yaqui Joe Herrera Fernando Lamas as General Verdugo

Dan O'Herlihy as Steven Grimes

Hans Gudegast (Eric Braeden) as Lt. Franz Von Klemme

Michael Forest as Humara

Aldo Sambrell as Sgt. Paletes

Soledad Miranda as Girl in Hotel

Alberto Dalbés as Padre Francisco

Charly Bravo as Lopez

José Manuel Martín as Sarita's Father

Akim Tamiroff as General Romero (scenes deleted)

Sancho Gracia as Mexican leader

Lorenzo Lamas as Indian boy


Directed by Tom Gries

Produced by Marvin Schwartz

Written by Robert MacLeod (novel) - Clair Huffaker

Music by Jerry Goldsmith

Cinematography Cecilio Paniagua

Edited by Robert L. Simpson

Production company: Marvin Schwartz Productions

Distributed by 20th Century Fox

Release date: March 26, 1969

Cost $3,920,000 to make, only made $3,500,000 at the box office

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