PLEASE - This Page for member of FL Chapter 70 ONLY!

If you are a member of Flordia DAV Chapter 70 - we ask that you fill out this form.

The Chapter has been around since 1958. Over the years membership information has been not keep or just plain thrown out. As both your webmaster for the site and your Commander - one of my duties is to see to it that all members of the Chapter are kept informed of who we are, and what we do.

One of the things we do (for our members) is keep the "Lest We Forget" section. We are NOT going to ask you to write your own obit - but the information you give, will help us in keeping you informed of such things as, reunions or get to togethers of units/ships that are having such things.

It will also allow us to post if we have any member of the Chapter who may been with such units/ships in the varied parts of the world at a given time.

I ask that you read the form - fill it out and press the submit block - ALL INFORMATION WILL GO ONLY TO THE WEBMASTER, on a secure server - stored on a flash drive, which is removed from the online computer - pages are build 'off line' then loaded to our server (that part of the internet that you see things on via your computer or phone). I store nothing but programmes on my on line computer at home and use several other computers that are never connected to the internet to work off line on. Each flash drive are checked for 'bugs' before being 'pulled' and used on another computer for 1) safety sake, and 2) secure storeage - I also have a 'off line back up drive' use to 'back up data' for the Chapter's data that I use. Also everything I do, I do from/at home - if you come to the meeting you know I show up with only a workup or finish items. Every thing once completed is then "uploaded to the site/s."

The information we are asking for here is to:

1) Check our current information with

2) be able to better honor our membership, in the form of service you gave

3) keep YOU better informed as what the Chapter is doing.

The (##) are the number of characters you may use

So let start!:

First your name - just like the service - LAST NAME FIRST

LAST Name (40):

FIRST Name (40):

MIDDLE Name (40):

Nick Name (40):

Street Address (60):

City (40):

State (2):

ZIP (xxxxx-xxxx):

Telephone 800/888, if any (30):

Telephone (30):

Cellphone (30):

Fax (30):

email (current):

Parents Name (60):
Father - Mother (Maiden)

Place of Birth (60):

Branch: Example: 12-21-1941 - 8-18-1946

Rank (30):
Use E/O - example: E-6 Staff Sergeant

You may have switched services - or a service switched on you (Army Air Corp to Air Force)

Example: 8-18-1946 - 12-20-1961

Rank (30):
Use E/O - example: E-7 Chief Petty Officer

Please tell us what commands your were under and dates if you remember them, areas you served - comments, etc: (2000)

Awards etc:


Check your work - THEN


That's it for the form

As membership officer I will be calling to comfirm the information we have on file - but if you fill out the above form - I will not have to call you - so PLEASE help me out here - fill out the form.

Should you have a photo you would like to add
may be of you in your younger days - please email a copy to me or being it to the Chapter Hall so we may make a copy of it.

I will have a camera with me at the hall on meeting dates, so I can take pictures of your lovely face for our files - so if you would like one - let me know - I'll get a copy to you - oh yes - please be in your DAV head gear - since it is the dress of the day (and comb what hair you have left).

We do have - should you wish one - Chapter server email accounts that we may assign in your name.

Since we have our own domain (name of our site) - we can give you your own email address, using the domain name.
It is somthing like Last name.First You need only to let me know that you would like to have such an address, We will then set up your address - emails will go/come from the domain - be forwarded to you at your home server address. This the email address you give us. Also all emails to you would be checked via AVG email progamme for 'bugs' before coming to you, from us. And you emails would be 'private' - we WILL NOT read your stuff. So if you would like your own email account, just let we know.

Membership data will NOT be posted on the DAV Chapter site/s. We will keep this information in our files for our information ONLY - so we may post such items as: We have 2 members who served on the USS CARD or the Chapter has five members who served in the 1 Marine Division, 5 Battalion, Fox Company - or some such. We will also be posting Reunions - meeting - get togethers, etc on units/ships that our members were a part of. If your have a copy of your DD-214, we could use it to obtains places, units, dates of loctions, etc.

All the better to serve you a member of DAV Florida Chapter 70. But we need your help here - SO FILL OUT THE FILL - Thank you,