The Victors

Eisenhower and His Boys the men of WW II


Stephen E. Ambrose

The Victors is like a compilation of Stephen E. Ambrose's greatest hits, drawing heavily from his biography of General Dwight D. Eisenhower and several military histories that recount the events of the Allied push across the European continent in 1944 and 1945 from the frontline trooper's perspective. The narrative is vintage Ambrose, full of engaging yet workmanlike prose that conveys the epic scope of its subject while paying careful attention to the details of the often inglorious lives of the GIs. Eisenhower looms large over this book, but it's the ordinary soldiers and their experiences who give the story real life.

We offer this material as part of our 'Veterans' program for those who love books but may not have time to read them, or for those who may have a lose of sight.

This 'book' is eight (8) Disc (given in mp3 format) - 400 pages in book form - both are given - you may read along or just listen - with links below.

The book (400 total pages is offered in part here via Google Books)
Your public libaray may have it, most book stores carry it, in both hard and/or paperback copies.

Ibid: while parts of the book are not read, mostly Mr Ambrose introduction (Disc 1) - this is still a great 'read'.


Listen to is here in mp3 format with time given

Disc 1 (35:42) - Disc 2 (31:17)
Disc 3 (35:03) - Disc 4 (35:21)
Disc 5 (36:30) - Disc 6 (32:09)
Disc 7 (29:42) - Disc 8 (23:26)

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This item was donated by the Friends of the Dunnellon Library, Dunnellon, Florida
to be placed in this forum so our Service Veterans may enjoy it.

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