Real Boys

William S. Pollack, Ph.D.

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Publication Year: 1998
Publisher: Random House Inc.
Read by William S. Pollack

Boys today are in silent crisis. On the surface, many boys may appear tough, confident, and resilient. But undereath, many are sad, confused, and afraid. As the bestselling Reviving Ophelia took us into the worlds of girl, Real Boys takes us into the worlds of boys to show how society's mixed messages to boys puts more boys at risk than ever before.

Dr. Pollack describes how outdated gender stereotypes push boys to conform to society's old inhibiting Boy Code. He describes how boys disappear behind a mask of independence, which keeps them from truly knowing themselves, and us from deeply knowing them.

Dr. Pollack addresses a wide range of topics - the important role a mother plays in a boy's life; how a father and son use "action" to relate to one another; the "second chance" that adolescence give boys and their parents to develop connections; and the ways that school and social pressures can squash a boy's self-esteem and "harden" him emotionally.

Real Boys lets us know what boys are really like, revealing new findings about the expressive nature of boys, and new ways to help them become happier, more confindent and successful men.

William S. Pollack, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, is the co-director of the Center for Men at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School.
He is co-author in In a Time of Fallen Heroes: The Re-Creation of Masculinity and Co-author of A New Psychologyfor Men


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