Lily and the Sockeyes

Sara Paretsky

Item specifics:

Audio Cassette, Audio product ISBN-10: 1491585803 - ISBN-13: 978-1491585801
Publication date: 1994
Publisher: Durkin Hayes Publishing Ltd.
Read by Sharon Gless


'Lily and the Sockeyes' Bestselling author Sara Paretsky uses professional baseball as the setting for this suspenseful mystery.

Originally published in Malice Domestic, 1992.

Also appears in Foggy Mountain Breakdown and Other Stories.

The reader, Sharon Gless is best known for her role as Christine Cagney in CBS's top cop drama Cagney and Lacey


run time: 28 minutes 44 seconds

This item was donated by the Friends of the Dunnellon Library, Dunnellon, Florida
to be placed in this forum so our Service Veterans may enjoy it.

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