Anne George

Anne George

Anne Carroll George was an American author and poet. A collection of her poetry, Some of it is True (1993, Curbow Publications), was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in 1993, and her Southern Sisters mystery series was honored with the coveted Agatha Award. She graduated from Samford University and was Alabama's 1994 state poet and cofounder of Druid Press. George died in 2001 of complications during heart surgery.


Murder Boogies with Elvis (2001)

Murder Carries A Torch (2000)

The Map that Lies Between Us (2000, Black Belt Press)

Murder Shoots the Bull (1999))

This One and Magic Life: A Novel of a Southern Family (1999)

Murder Gets A Life (1998)

Murder Makes Waves (1997)

Murder Runs in the Family (1997)

Murder on A Bad Hair Day (1996)

Murder on A Girls' Night Out (1996)

Some of it is True (1993, Curbow Publications)

Spraying Under the Bed for Wolves (1985, Druid Press)

Wild Goose Chase (1982)

Dreamer, Dreaming Me (1980)

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