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The Chapter office is open on Tuesday mornings
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Joe Stephens

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John McGee

Chuck Vessey

Chuck Vessey

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Dewey Drawdy

John Seaman

Ray Micheal
Officer of the Day
Ray Micheal

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Ken Bender


Berry Harvey
Berry Harvey


Joe Stephens
Joe Stephens

The order in which these names are place as nothing to do with ranking,
all have the same training
Due to illness, family matters - three of our Service Offficers
could not return for re-certification, may be next year.

Will be in the Hall on Tuesday from 9-noon
Call 352-344-3464 (machine) leave your name and number, we will get back to you
about an appointment - other times maybe arranged.


Our Veterans Services Officers (VSOs) assists veterans and their dependents with applications for compensation, pensions,
hospitalization and other benefits through an intake process that includes information and referral services.
Working with our National Service Officers in St. Petersburg and the Department of Veterans Affairs
to ensure that veterans, their dependents and survivors receive their richly deserved beneifts.

Services offered by our Veterans Service Officers include the following:
Informs veterans, dependents, and survivors of their eligibility for benefits payable through the Department of Veterans Affairs
Completes forms for benefits payable through the Department of Veterans Affairs
Completes forms and notifies the Department of Veterans Affairs of the death of a veteran
Informs survivors of procedures regarding military benefits
Obtains supporting documents for claims by veterans, their spouses and dependents

"Freedom isn´t Free"
The Price Is Still Being Paid

Meeting of 9 January 2018
Audio (46 minutes)

14:10 hours The Commander called the meeting to order, the opening ceremonies were held, with the absent of Chaplain Seaman, Commander led the group in the opening prayer.
There were 19 members present.
9 DAVA Members - 2 Quest from State (DAV FL Dept)

(00:02:05) Chuck Vessey - Adjutant read the roll call.
John Seaman - Chaplain - out sick call - awaiting a call for his surgery.
John McGee - Jr. Vice & Service Officer - out - medical.
Berry Harvey - Service Officer - out - medical
Ron O'Keefe- Service Officer - out - medical
All other were present and/or accounted for.

(00:03:05) Introduced Mary Ann Keckler, Jr Vice for Department of Florida.

(00:04:50) The Commander asked the Adjutant to read the minutes of the December meeting.
The Adjutant asked the members to vote on and approved the minutes as read, seconded by William Holland - voted on and approved.

(00:10:65) Commander asked for the Treasurer's report.
Report given by the Treasurer
Commander stated since no corrects are to made - approved as read, voted on and approved.
Do to the nature of these reports - Chapter members may ask the Treasurer to see them at the meeting hall.

(00:12:13) Since the Chaplin is out Commander gave the report.
Two members have passed
Rex A. Hoseley - 82 - Crystal River, FL - Passed December 11, 2017 - US Army
Elwood Leroy McElhiney - 86 - Hernando, FL - Passed December 23, 2017 - US Army
former Commander of DAV 70 and after tranfering to DAV 158, Crystal River, a former Commander there.
Sick call - Jahn Seaman for a double hip replacement.
Larry Smrekar - is in the hospitol in Ocala.
Chuck Vessey - will be going under the knife for his right shoulder.
If you know of a Chapter member who is ill, let us know so we may tell the Chaplain, so he can send a card.

(00:14:23) Do to this meeting no members will be given the obligation.

(00:14:25) Communications:
Commander had given all hand out (2) at the start of the meeting.
Commander then went over the handout - not wishing to read each one.
(00:14:42) 5) DAV and DAVA Message - Veteran's Suicide
(00:14:15) 4) DAV and DAVA Message - H. R. 4635

(00:14:40) Committee Reports:
Commemorative Pin Committee:
John Seamen called to report that Veteran Services sold their last pin and would not be selling them ny longer.
This figure does not include monies from the Golden Corral, about $1,500.00
We have about 300 pins left, and sales have been going well.

(00:16:21) Scholarship Committee
John Seamen called the Commander to tell the other committee members know what needed to be done.

(00:16:40) Election Committee:
Nothing till next month

(00:16:47) Unfinished (Old) Business:
Dealing with Josh White - the Commander was unable to contact him about going to service school.

(00:17:35) New Business:
Besides John McGee not going to Veteran Service School, do to a family illness, Ron O'Keefe will not be going.
who is also a member of the Chapter to go.
After some disussion, Commander will ask Mr. White if the United Way will pay for him - item tabled till next meeting.

(00:17:50) Ex-Committee Reports
No Committee meeting was held.

(00:18:05) Point of order was make about old business: dealing with the Auxiliary.
Commander welcome the DAVA State Commander Betty Hess, who came to try to work out something about the meeting for the DAVA.
After much discussion - Commander made a motion, second by Arnold Rodriguez that the Auxiliary would have their meeting on the second Tuesday of each month at 12 noon
to be ended as near to the one PM hour as possible, voted on and approved, by those with the DAV.
On a motion by Marie Baer, seconded by Annie Fair, have the Auxiliary meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 12 noon to be ended as near to the one PM hour as possible, voted on and approved, by those with the DAVA.

(0:40:34) A Moment of Silence was held for our departed comrades.

(00:41:53) Good of the Order:
Mclaren Walker won the 50/50 - $21.00.
Commander won the 'door prize' - Book "Flags of our Father".

(00:44:38) Arnold Rodriguez made a motion to adjoure, seconded by Athony Russo, approved by all.
Being no other business the Commander led the proper closing ceremony and declared the meeting of the Disabled American Veterans, DAV, Gerald A. Shonk, Chapter 70, Inc., Adjourned.

Our next meeting will be held on February 13, 2018 at 2 pm. - Come at 1 PM so we can feed you

Joe Stephens, Webmaster on behalf of the Adjutant

(time on audio - approxiate)

SORRY - No Photos for this meeting

"Freedom Isn´t Free"
the price is still being paid