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Our Veterans Services Officers (VSOs) assists veterans and their dependents with applications for compensation, pensions,
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Informs survivors of procedures regarding military benefits
Obtains supporting documents for claims by veterans, their spouses and dependents

"Freedom isn´t Free"
The Price Is Still Being Paid

Meeting of 10 October 2017
Audio (72 minutes)

14:00 hours The Commander called the meeting to order, the opening ceremonies were held, there were

20 members present.

(00:01:40) The Commander asked the Adjutant Chuck Vessey to read the roll call.
Ray Micheal was out - vacation
All other were present and/or accounted for.

We had no vistors, but the auxiliary without awaiting their meeting.

(00:02:45) The Commander was to read the minutes of the last meeting, June.
But failed to print them out - John McGee made a motion to pass on the reading of those minutes - seconded by Dewey Drawdy, voted on and approved.

Commander welcomed us all back after the hurricane.

(00:3:25) Commander asked for the Treasurer's report.
Report given by Treasurer Chuck Vessey
A motion to approve the report was made John McGee and seconded by Ken Bender, voted on and approved.
Do to the nature of these reports - Chapter members may ask the Treasurer to see them at the meeting hall.
Under Section 4.6 of the Chapter By-laws "...The Treasurer shall make a report on finances at each meeting and records shall be open to any member in good standing when they request that record(s) in writing through the Executive Committee."

(00:04:35) The Chaplin, make the illness report.
We have one (1) passed
Richard Donald Rockette - Age 79 - Lecanto, FL - July 19, 2017 - U. S. Navy
Mention was Shirley McElhiney - who transfered from 70's Auxiliary to 158 (Cyrstal River), she was a past treasure,
and passed away October 3, 2017 - inurnment will be at the Florida National Cemetetery, Bushnell.
Her husband Elwood - a former past Commander at 70, is also very ill.
Commander noted two (2) other passings - Chapter member Larry Smeaker's wife - Christine Claire "Tina" Smrekar, age 75 - Tuesday, October 3, 2017 pasted at home.
and member Tom Gallagher's wife - Marcia Gale Gallagher, age 67 of Floral City, who passed away Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Commander also noted that Julius Kertesz of Homosassa, who transfered into the Chapter not to long ago, called the Commander to inform him that He (Julius) was moving back to MA to live with his daughter.
Thanked the Commander and the Chapter for having him and aiding him to come to the meetings. - He will be missed.
If you know of a Chapter member who is ill, let us know so we may tell the Chaplain, so he can send a card.

(00:06:48) The Commander asked the Adjuntant if we had any new members present - being none
Commander called the names of members Willima Holland, James Stants, and Antony 'Tony' Russo
All members asked to stand - the Commander did the honors for the three before us.
After recieving the obligations each one was given his yearly award pin by the Chaplain.
William 'Bill' Holland - five year award pin
James 'Jimmy' Stants - ten year award pin
Anthony 'Tony' Russo - 45 year award pin
Commander noted that since our year start in June - member move up a year and award pin are give via five year periods.
Other Chapter member will be issued an award certificate, once the Commander prints them up.

(00:13:20) Communications:
First item was the DAV Department of Florida Newsletter for August 2017, which is the end of July.
Passed out now since we had not meeting in September - there is no newsletter for September, Commander did not recieve one.
Commander noted that Al Linden, Executive Director for the Department is no longer there, he retired, but will be on station Thursday and Fridays.
He was replaced by Andy Marshall, known to many of the service officers as head of the DAV RO till just last year, but still trains VSOs - he is also the fourth Jr Vice of National.
(00:15:15) The next item - a biographical sheet on Marc Burgess - the National Adjutant
the next item - a biographical sheet on Delphine Metaclf-Foster - the new National Commander
Commander noted the our last National Commander David W. Riley, was the first ever Coast Guard veteran elected and the first quadriplegic to serve as Nat'l Commander.
(00:17:00) Next item - three (3) DAV Nat'l Joint Message dealing with:
(1) August 21, 2017 - The Harry W. Colmey Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2017
(2) September 15, 2017 - The veterans' treatment court model
(3) September 22, 2017 - Representative Lee Zelding and Senator Tammy Duckworth bill
The last item - memorandum for Marc Burgess re: the National Order of Trench Rats and that DAV has decided to separate from them at ALL LEVELS.

(00:27:00) Committee Reports:
Commemorative Pin Committee:
John Seamen said the 1,000 pins are in - sales are slow but we should pick up by Veterans Week.
Sales will start at the NCCB events on October 28, 29.
Commander ask David Huntington to stand so the members would know who was, he will out and about at the CCVC year sale selling pins.

(00::32:46) Scholarship Committee
Nothing till next year

(00:32:50) Election Committee:
Nothng till next year

(00:32:52) Grievance Committee:
Again, we do not have one.

(00:33:02) Unfinished (Old) Business:
Commander again went over the need for volunteers - not just for the vans but now for the clinic.
Last month the clinic handed over the scheduling for the vans to the the Village Clinic to do lack of staff.
Commander reported he place a notice in the paper calling for volunteers to help out at the clinic to do this
He also noted the Villages came over the took our 2009 van for use at that clinic and he called to have them return it,
as this was our van not a pool van - we rised the money for it not them
He also noted that just before the storm, do to lack of fuel in that area, someone cut the fuel line to that van for its fuel.
Then the van had to be fix. The van is now back at Lecanto and by the first of December - service will start also on the west side of Citrus into Levey.

(00:43:35) New Business:
John McGee reported the three service members for Operation Welcome Home and four for the Honor Flight,
John Seaman was on the last flight and his wife for one of the group, not him - their do alot of walking,
John McGee made a montion, seconded by John Seaman, to sponor a volunteer (cost $400.00 per) for the flight, voted on and approved.

(00:50:00) Ex-Committee Reports
We had two - one for September before the storm was to have Sr Vice Commander Ken Bender name placed on all the bank signure cards, should something happen to the treasure or the commander.
That was the only issued for that meeting.
The October report was the budget - Treasure worked out a budget such as it is - so we know where the money is going.
David Hunting asksed about our exspences - we spend about $180.00 a month on buiding, insurance, electric
Dave asked about the projection of income - Treasure gave the answer.
A guestion was why to do not have dues - Commander gave that answer.
Listen to this section - much longer than just this short giving.

(01:07:00) A Moment of Silence was held for our departed comrades.

Something happen that the tape machine, it stopped recording so we have not recording after this, and no notes from here on.

(00:00:00) Good of the Order:

(00:00:00) Bob Kline made a motion to adjoure, seconded by ?, approved by all.
Being no other business the Commander led the proper closing ceremony and declared the meeting of the Disabled American Veterans, DAV, Gerald A. Shonk, Chapter 70, Inc., Adjourned.

Our next meeting will be held on November 14, 2017 at 2 pm. - Come at 1 PM so we can feed you

Joe Stephens, Webmaster on behalf of the Adjutant

(time on audio)

Photos for this meeting

"Freedom Isn´t Free"
the price is still being paid