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"Freedom isn´t Free"
The Price Is Still Being Paid

Meeting of 14 November 2017
Audio (68 minutes)

Before we state our meeting we had we had two vistors from Ultimate Health Plans, and the auxiliary awaiting a requested joint meeting.

14:21 hours The Commander called the meeting to order, the opening ceremonies were held, there were

20 members present.

(00:22:40) The Commander read the roll call.
Chuck Vessey - Adjutant - family leave
Dewey Drawdy - Sgt. At Arms - medical leave
Ray Micheal - Officer of the Day - medical leave
All other were present and/or accounted for.

(00:23:40) One new member to take the obligation, Commander called Steve Grega forward and gave the obligation.
Chaplin Seaman presented a Life Time Membership pin to him. Steve has been a member of the DAV for four (4) years.

(00:28:30) The Commander read the minutes of the last meeting, October.
John McGee made a motion to pass on the reading of those minutes - seconded by Bill Holland, voted on and approved.
(00:38:30) John McGee made a motion, seconded by John Seamna that the minutes of the last meeting would be printed and passed out before the meeting, rather than being read.
Voted on and approved by all.

(00:39:05) Commander asked for the Treasurer's report.
Report given by Command in the asbent of the Treasurer
A motion to approve the report was made John McGee and seconded by Ken Bender, voted on and approved.
Do to the nature of these reports - Chapter members may ask the Treasurer to see them at the meeting hall.
John McGee made a motion to print and pass out a few copies of the Treasurer's report, to be collected at meetings end rather than being read.
Seconded by ? could not make it out. Voted on and approved - copies to be printed and handed out, turned back in at or before meeting's end.

(00:43:00) The Chaplin, make the illness report.
We had two (2) passing
Russell Crook - Age 84 - Inverness, FL - Otcober 24, 2017 - U. S. Army
Alfred Soffe - Age 84 - Inverness, FL - October 26, 2017 - U. S. Air Force
Dewey Drawdy is out after having something done.
Bob Kline who is here also had something done.
Chuck Spikes, still out, no word on him to date
If you know of a Chapter member who is ill, let us know so we may tell the Chaplain, so he can send a card.

(00:45:00) Communications:
Commander had an email send to Mark Acher who now runs the DAV TN program at the Lecanto Clinic.
It was a thank you from the daughter of Victor Costa a Koran War veteran who rode the van.
In short, thanking all in the program for their assisants with her and her father on those days he went.
Other material was about the third van, to be used for the second run to Gainesville using Rt-19/98 to Rt-24
and DAV TN drivers will have a meeting this week - first meeting in years - dealing with the service.

(00:50:10) Committee Reports:
Commemorative Pin Committee:
John Seamen said the sale of pins was going well - of the 1,000 pins ordered we sold over half so far - by the end of Veterans Week we collected over $700.00, with the over $1000 we have so far.
Sales are good
Commander also mention that with the sale of the ins, Ron O'Keefe went over to the Eagle's Club on Rt-44 and picked up a check for $1,500 - that and the monies collected at te Coral we pay to send the Service Officers to school.
The County will not be ask this year because we paid for two of the three to go and one has left county employment.

(00::53:30) Scholarship Committee
Nothing till next year

(00:53:35) Election Committee:
Nothng till next year

(00:53:40) Grievance Committee:
Again, we do not have one.

(00:53:50) Unfinished (Old) Business:
Commander had nothing but ask John McGee if he had any thing - John mention that Welcome Home will not be doing any thing till next year, as well as Honor Flight, do to the hoildays.
There is hopes of having the Vietnam Wall in Crytal River on Memorial Day.

(00:56:25) New Business:
After some comments about the Bushnell Nat'l Cementy and services for the unattended, Richard Floyd made a montion, seconded by John McGee, that we pay $25.00 per years to aid with the cost for those expesnse, voted on and approved.

(00:59:00) Ex-Committee Reports
Nothing to report

(0:59:10) A Moment of Silence was held for our departed comrades.

(01:10:30) Good of the Order:
John Seaman won the 50/50 - total of $8.00 which he donated to the Chapter.
John Seaman also won the 'door prize' - the coffee table book: B-17 Combat Missions'
Max Alvarez mention that on December 15 at 2 PM, the Clinic, someone will be there to speake to anyone about the care and treatment from the VA.

(00:00:00) John McGee made a motion to adjoure, seconded by William Holland, approved by all.
Being no other business the Commander led the proper closing ceremony and declared the meeting of the Disabled American Veterans, DAV, Gerald A. Shonk, Chapter 70, Inc., Adjourned.

Our next meeting will be held on December 12, 2017 at 2 pm. - Come at 1 PM so we can feed you

Joe Stephens, Webmaster on behalf of the Adjutant

(time on audio - approxiate)

Photos for this meeting

"Freedom Isn´t Free"
the price is still being paid