Getting ready

Our tools

Potato Salad - Fried Chicken - Coleslaw

Baked Beans

Bread and Butter


Trail Mix

Lemon Cake


More Lemon Cake

Jelly Beans


Sodas and More
At the start of each meeting we try to have a small feed

So come to the meeting and join in.

We are now ready.

Chaplain giving grace

Ladies are ready

Awaiting the call

Mike checking his tablet

And we start

Max not wasting time

Lets keep it moving

Bob Kline is ready

John Seaman taking a set next to our guest

Lunch over ready for the meeting

Ladies about ready to start

Ken Bender checking something with Max

William Squire speaking with John Seamen

A few moments before we start

John McGee has arrived

Checking the office again

Commander checking with John Seamen


Chaplain giving the opening prayer

We honor GOD

and our flag here

Group seated, awaiting quest

John Seaman introduce William Squire
one of the scholarship winners

William thanking John

Then the members of the group

Commander reading minutes of last meeting

John and Chuck about something said

Chuck Vessey doing Treasure's Report

Dewey about to do handouts

Doing handouts

Going over handouts
Our cameraman had to leave
sorry we have not other photos.

Come to the Meetings - May be you will be in a photo

"Freedom Isn´t Free"
the price is still being paid