What we are going to use

Main flair - chicken wings

Slaw and beans

Celery-carrots - deviled eggs - grapes

Grapes - Cup cakes

Chocolate chip cookies

Banana Bread


Creamy Cole Slaw

ice and cups

set up complete

the call to chow

Signing in

some meet and greet

The line forms

and we begin

let's keep it moving

this is great!

Dewey doing well

Max and Chuck making their way to the line

Going well

All seems fine

room for every one
We always have a small fed at each meeting.
The current Commander and his wife (Jody)
fix the items at home, she bring it in,
he is the Tuesday daytime Service Officer.
We attempt to have enough for everyone.
So 'come on down'.

Dewey resting before we start the meeting

Ray Michael OD finished up

checking the numbers

Lets start the show


Please take a seat

Waiting for the Commander

Handing out the Dept Newsletter

We begin

Opening prayer

After everything else, the Dept Newsletter

Going on and on and on

Done, we are about done

Ken Bender won the 50/50

Al Hayes wins the door prize

Come to the Meetings - May be you will be in a photo

"Freedom Isn´t Free"
the price is still being paid