Before we start

After grace, the call to mess.

The tools - Burgers and Hot Dogs

Done on our new grill - Chef Berry Harvey

cole straw, salads,

Beans, all the fix'n

Chips, Melons

Devil eggs

Brownies, Banana Bread

Cookies, jelly beans

Ice, teas, sodas, water, coffee
At the start of each meeting we try to have a small feed

So come to the meeting and join in.

Al Hayes making his way to the line.

Folks moving to the line

Some found a place at the table

Some have started

Commander at a tablet?

Looks like everyone is okay!

Pat Michael, Shirley Callahan-Seaman, Annie Fair

Happy to have them here.


Missed taking pictures before we started.
Richard Floyd will be doing the honors

Lining up to be sworn in

Being presented to the group

Commander being present the Gravel

On with the meeting

Commander reading the minutes of the last meeting

Group reading the handouts

Jody Stephens being given a gift card

Ray Michael won the door prize (a watch)
Our cameraman had to leave
sorry we have not other photos.

Come to the Meetings - be in a photo

"Freedom Isn´t Free"
the price is still being paid