What we are going to use

Main flair

Dog wrap (in bacon) - baked Mac & cheese

deviled eggs

LARGE Strawberries

cheese and crackers


chocate chips

Tartes - Cherry, Apples, Blueberry with ice cream

We will start soon!

Nancy, Pat, Sunny

Max making his move

The line is under way

some are waiting it out

some know better

Mike, Wallace, Richard - is it ready yet?

dig right in

Richard checking out the beverages

choices are being made

Ed Matos having ice cream on that tarte

Some have started

chow seems to be okay again

looking for a place at the table
We always have a small fed at each meeting.
The current Commander and his wife (Jody)
fix the items at home, she bring it in,
he is the Tuesday daytime Service Officer.
We attempt to have enough for everyone.
So 'come on down'.


Opening prayer

Honor the flag

Chaplain giving his report

DF Newsletter given out

Commander making comments on it

Lets all follow along

Going on and on and on

Taking about the van and bus

Wait! are they listing?

Can he read?

Winner to be picked

Over till next time

Come to the Meetings - May be you will be in a photo

"Freedom Isn´t Free"
the price is still being paid