We have a lunchon before each meeting.
The photos below show the flair, the group as a whole.

Before we start
The hardware

Bacon rolled dogs and more
Mac & cheese, rice, eggs

cream pies, carrot cake, strawberry bananna shortcake
corn bread rolls, Coffee, Tea, water

Call to 'come and get it"
Before the feed - The Blessing

Some of our guest
Amy Derry speaking to Chuck Spikes

Amy and company with Chuck
Kelly Crane speaking to Pat (Michael)

more overall

still more
and more

Mike Warner (chair) and grandson
DAVA main table


just before we start

a joint section

Amy Derry & Merlyn Lewis
Amy & Merlyn

Amy and company
explaining service animals

now Kelly Crane
Speaking on cremation

Any questions?
now C.J. Risak

his roll on writing
for the Chronicle

Ending the joint section
Opening regular order

Opening prayer
standing for same

Treasurer's report
Approval of same

Chaplain's report
Michael Warner to take the obligation

Commander giving the obligation
All able, standing for his obligation

Chaplain Seaman doing his part
Mike was awarded his DAV pin

Michael Warner presented to group - Mike has ALS
Commander reading notice from Nat'l

Ray Machael talking about the unattended
Picking the 'door prize'

awarding it
Winner Ken Bender - Men in Black by Mark Levin

Come to the Meetings - May be you will be in a photo

"Freedom Isn´t Free"
the price is still being paid