We have a lunchon before each meeting.
The photos below show the flair, the group as a whole.

Before we start
Pizza is the flair today

Supreme, Pepperoni and more
Annie working on the ice

The line has started
Keep it moving

Al working on his, Max is waiting it out
So are some of the others

Some of the 'posters' we have to offer
Still more

Finding a place at the table
Others in the line

The ladies seems to like it
While others get ready to eat

a break in the action
We had to change the flags

New one going up

Final fold
New DAV Flag

Two up one to go
New POW Flag

Old down
New was raised

Final lock down
Back inside, ready to start

Checking outside
Are we ready yet!

Al and Max are ready
So is everyone else

Even the ladies
Good photo of Joe McClister back from up north

Dean Vlahos thinking of joining our group
Can we start?

Commander moving that way
Richard taking to John

Commander checking his notes
About to being


A joined section with guest speaker Melaine Keller with the Marion Vet Center

Malaine Keller to a joint section

Malaine Keller

a joint section
Wall closed

Meeting has started
Going well

Nearing the end
Ray calling the 50/50 number

Done that now to the door prize
Picking the door prize number

Commander has it
Commander with the prize

Mike won the door prize

Come to the Meetings - May be you will be in a photo

"Freedom Isn´t Free"
the price is still being paid