November MEETING

We have a lunchon before each meeting.
The photos below show the flair, the group as a whole.

We are about to start
Chaplain giving the blessing

Fried Chicken is the flair today
Sponge cake and other goodies

Banana Bread and cookies
Mac and Potote Salads

Fruit plate
Richard starting it off

Richard about to tea off
John Seamen, Ray Michaels, Max Armitage


A joined section was to be held but guest speaker was late - meetings started without him

About to start the meeting

Chaplain Seaman doing the honors

Listening to past minutes
Commander still at it

Might be the treasures' report
Going well

About to take the obligation
Obligation being given

Obligation Given
Chaplain giving year pins

Come to the Meetings - May be you will be in a photo

"Freedom Isn´t Free"
the price is still being paid