We have a lunchon before each of the meeting. The photos below show the fair, the group as a whole.

Before we start
The hardware

Pork BBQ - Borccoli salad
Borccoli salad - homemade cole slaw - Bean salad

Pototo salad - Bean Salad - pretzels
Pies - Pies - More Pies

Water - Ice Tea - Coffee
Waiting for the call

After grace - Al Hayes starts it off
Past State DAVA Commander Marie Bare and Bob Kline

Bob Kline trying it all
Ray Michael seating up to eat

Bob tasting it all
both groups seem to like it

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Ault, he being a new member
Chuck Spikes looking at booklet for the new 8 in 1

it's about done
almost finish

getting ready for the meeting
about ready - reading handouts

Bob Teague - are we ready to start yet?
Chuck Kanehl has come - Hello Chuck!

Bob Kline checking things out with Dewey and Ray
Zigmund Laska made it from Lady Lake, thanks Zig


DAVA State Commander Shirley Kirkland (White cap)
Former DAVA State Commander Marie Bare

David Duffy doing his presentation
David Duffy

Commander doing the opening
Commander about to give the obligation

Obligation being given
Randy Ault (seated) - wife looking on

to Kristopher Henshaw, also a new member
Chaplain Seaman doing his part of the obligation

Randy being presented his pin
Kristopher Henshaw being presented his pin

Kristopher his mother await the Scholarship award
John Seaman - Scholarship Committee reads the Awards

John Seaman presenting the award to Kristopher Henshaw
Chuck talking about the new heat press

Commander telling about the price
Chuck saying more about the heat press

Commander reading By-laws about elections
Ray Michael Chairman Election Committee

Come to the Meetings - maybe you will be in a photo

"Freedom Isn´t Free"
the price is still being paid