Before we start
Cheese ball and chackers - CUP CAKES

Left overs from the morning
corn, fish sticks, patties, rolls

orion rings, mac and cheese
veggies, devil eggs

cup cakes, yellow cake, peanut butter cookies
water, teas, coffee

Lynn is working on the ice
Bob kline and Al Hayes start at it

The line has formed
Annie and Sunny watch the fun

Bob Kine looks on the cake while Max takes on the rings
While this looks great!

Chuck might be thinking do I have enough room
Dewey - What only one?

Giving thanks again
Al maybe thinking if he forgot anything

Lunch went well
We have a 'lunch' at all our monthly meetings,
Hope you can make it to the next one


Chaplain Seaman giving the opening prayer
Given the time, maybe the opening of the meeting

Commander speaking to the group
        The webmaster reqrets that the
        other photos did not turn out

"Freedom Isn´t Free"
the price is still being paid