We have a lunchon before each meeting.
The photos below show the fair, the group as a whole.

Before we start
The hardware

More Subs

Mustard - Beans - Chips
Grapes - Chips - Pretzels

The Cake, before cutting
Tea and Ice

The Cake - take your choice
"Our Flag Is Still There"

Al Hayes starts it off, Ken Bender right behind him
Al forgot a fork

Ed Matos trying the beans - Marie Williams looks on
Marie Williams and Bob Kline

Annie - Lynn - Sunny
Bob - Tom - Dewey - Max

The ladies have it all to themseleves
Chuck Kanehl trying the tea


just before we started
What a crew

the rest of the crew
Richard Floyd reading the roll

Ray Michael (OD) Dewey Drandy (Sgt of Arms)
Those able, stand for the obligation

Commander about to give the obligation
Obligation being given

Commander giving the obligation to John McGee
Acting Chaplain Floyd doing his part

John McGee being presented to group
John was presented a 20 year pin

Ticket for the 50/50 drawing
Acting Chaplain Floyd doing the closing prayer

Come to the Meetings - May be you will be in a photo

"Freedom Isn´t Free"
the price is still being paid