We are just about to start
Al Linden was introducted

Being videoed also
Announced we were going to the Coral after

Chaplain giving the prayer
We honor HIM here

As do we all
And the Flag

Treaures report being given
All listen to that

Commander is going on

and on

Marie Del Barone & Tony Russo
along with Michael Mason (red cap)

are to be sworn in
taking the obligation

Mike taking the obligation
Obligation being given

Chaplain giving 35 year pins to Tony
Chaplain giving 25 year pins to Marie

New member pin to Mike
Ron O'Keefe won the 50/50

Damon Shingleton won the book
Chaplain giving closing prayer

Come to the Meetings - May be you will be in a photo


We are at the Golden Coral in Inverness for our Christmas Party

Missing Man Table
We set this up also on Veterans Day

Some have started
Al is waiting to go out for a plate

dig right in
Al stopped by to say hi to Mike

Sunny and Al Hayes
Bob Armitage with his back to us
The camera stopped working
Did not bring the other one or the video camera

"Freedom Isn´t Free"
the price is still being paid