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"Freedom isn´t Free"
The Price Is Still Being Paid

Meeting of 12 April 2016
Audio (63:43)

A joint section was held, with quest speaker, Paula Mayo from Ledgewood Roofing and Construction.
(00:00:36) She was there to address the group on HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and some changes in that program. The programs changes range from $2,000 to $6,800 for changes to the veterans home, based on rating and need/s. And the money is paid to the veteran, who then pays for the work.
Also only one quote is needed now, not three.

(03:48:24) Closing the 'wall' and passing out copings of last month minutes and the Department of Florida's Newsletter.

(07:28:00 )The opening ceremonies were held, there were 18 member present.

(00:09:00) The Commander asked the Chaplin to call the roll of Officers, in the absent of the Adjutant.
Officer of the Day - Ray Michael - sick call
All others were present and/or accounted for.

(00:09:39) Commander announced our guest, Paula Mayo from Ledgewood Roofing and Construction, who wish to see how we conducted such meetings.

(00:09:50) Since minutes of the last meeting on March 8, 2016 were passed out,
a motion was made by Al Hayes,
seconded by Archie Gooding, to forgo reading them and to accept them.
The minutes were approved by all.

(00:10:18) The Commander asked for the treasurer report
The treasurer report was given by the treasurer.
A motion to approve the report was made Al Hayes and seconded by Chuck Spikes, voted on and approved.
Do to the nature of these reports - Chapter members may ask the Treasurer to see them at the meeting hall.
Under Section 4.6 of the Chapter By-laws "...The Treasurer shall make a report on finances at each meeting and records shall be open to any member in good standing when they request that record(s) in writing through the Executive Committee."

(00:11:34) The Commander asked the Chaplain, John Seaman, to make the illness report.
No member have passed since our last meeting, first time in a very long time.
Ray Michael - is still at home after surgery.
A Note that Ken Bender and his wife celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary.

(00:12:23) No new members, no one to take the obligations, we will move on to

(00:12:33) Communications:
Rolling Thunder Florida Chapter 7 - the 10th Annual Independence Day Golf Tournament.
To be held June 25 at the Citrus Springs Golf and Country Club.
(00:13:08) Archie Gooding made a montion that again the Chapter sponsor a four some, in the amount of $300.00, seconded by Dewey Drandy, voted on and approve by all.

(00:13:50) Commander noted that he drove three day last week for the DAV TN. He meet with Otto LeDee, the DAV HSC/VSO who gave him a copy of the VA's Newsletter. Message From The Chief of Staff. Commander noted that 'A Veteran within the ranks of the VA, working in San Diego, suffering from PTSD, had problems on the job. He submited a letter of resignation to the VA, who turned it down. Staff then found away to help one of they own. Commander noted that he was happy for the veteran, but as a VSO, he only wish the VA would do the same for other veterans, not just staff.

Commander noted that as the webmaster he has posted on the Chapter's website, the IG report of September 2015. In short Lecanto passed but the error were coming out of Gainesville VAMC.

He suggest you read the report.

(00:24:38) Handed out the Department of Florida April Newsletter, spoke about it.
Commander made comments on the Newsletter as a whole - interesting reading, being 19 pages long.

(00:29:44) Committee Reports:
(00:22:53) Commemorative Pin Committee:
John Seaman, chairman, reports the theme on the Korean War and Korean Service veterans which the ad hoc committee approved.
John will still be looking for another supplier.
John said he should have a final dollar amount and pin count by the May meeting.

(00:31:33) Scholarship Committee:
John Seaman Chairman, reports that that we thirteen apps so far.
Two came in after the deadline.
Another one was out of county.
One is just for the veterans grant
The other members of the committee are looking at the apps.

(00:33:20) Election Committee:
In the absent of Chair Ray Michael, Archie Gooding did the honor calling out those who are running for office.
Joe Stephens for Commander
Chuck Spikes for Sr Vice
Archie Gooding for Jr Vice
Joe McClister for Treasure
John Seaman for Chaplain
Dewey Drandy for Sgt at Arms
Officer of the Day is open
All postions were moved to be close by Al Hayes, second by Bob Kline, pending the elections.
The Commander has yet to name an Adjutant
should any one wish to enter their name, please do so, elections are in May.

(00:37:38) Grievance Committee:
Again, we do not have one as no one has any grievances.

(00:37:46) Unfinished (Old) Business:
Information about heat pressing equipment for t-shirts, cups, hats.
It has been order, just has not arrived yet.
The price went up by about $50.00 for all those that were looked at, however the one coming is an eight in one, not a six in one.
But it is still well under the price we voted on.
Being shipped by feight since it weights 55 lbs.
Commander noted that he is still looking for an Adjutant, should you wish to assist.

(00:39:53) New Business:
No new business.
Commander again mention that the reason why he did not take the heat press to the Ex committee was do to the price.
Since it was over the $250.00 amount - he thought is best to run it by the rank and file.

(00:41:07) A Moment of Silence was held for our departed comrades.

(00:42:50) Sr Vice Chuck Spikes mention ideas about schools in the area having an art contest.
John Seaman pointed out the VFW is doing it in Floral City already.
We do not think that at this time we may be able to do something like that, do to national by laws.

Commander noted he received an email for County Veteran Service about the Veterans' Village that is planned for Citrus County, near the Clinic in Lecanto. Dealing with a grant for a bus - more or less the folks doing the Veterans' Village do not think they could apply. Commander will look into the grant for the DAV, since he were like to obtain a 10/2 bus for the Chapter to use.

(00:57:44) Good of the Order:
The 50/50 drawing was held after sometime as to who had the winning ticket - Bradley White wins again.
Another drawing was held, for a 'door prize' - Pinheads and Patriots by Bill O'Reilly.
Ron O'Keefe was the lucky winner.

(01:01:55:00) A motion to adjourned made be Bob Kline - seconded by Al Hayes - voted on and approved.

Being no other business the Commander led the proper closing ceremony and declared the meeting of the Disabled American Veterans, DAV, Gerald A. Shonk, Chapter 70, Inc., Adjourned.

Our next meeting will be held on May 10, 2016 at 2 pm.

Joe Stephens, Webmaster on behalf of the Adjutant

(time on audio)

Photos for this meeting

"Freedom Isn´t Free"
the price is still being paid