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Joe Stephens

"Freedom isn´t Free"
The Price Is Still Being Paid

Meeting of 8 December 2015
Audio (29:32)

Call to Order by the Commander Joe Stephens at 14:00 hours

The proper opening ceremonies were held and there were 14 member and one guest present.

(01:46:22) The Commandere asked the Chaplin to call the roll of Officers, in the absent of the Adjutant.
Adjutant - Carolynn Favreau - sick call
Jr Vice - Artie Gooding out.
All others were present and/or accounted for.

(02:32:88) We have no members to take the obligations

(02:36:00) Minutes of the last meeting on November 10, 2015 were read by Commander Stephens.
A motion to accept was made by Al Hayes.
Seconded by Dewey Drandy.
The minutes were approved.

(08:11:13) The Commander asked for the treasurer report
The treasurer report was by the treasurer.
A motion to approve the report was made Dewey Drandy and seconded by Richard Floyd, voted on and approved.
Do to the nature of these reports - Chapter members may ask the Treasurer to see them at the meeting hall.
No copies will be made.

(09:15:52) The Commander asked the Chaplain, John Seaman, to make the illness report.
One member had passed since our last meeting:
David R. Leaf - Inverness, FL - Age 68 passed on 14 November, 2015 - U.S. Army
Tom Harris at home after cancer surgery.
Chaplain mention the passing of an Debbie age 58 an assistance with Davis Furneral Home who was of great aid to the Chaplin.
Anyone knowing of a comrade who is ill should contact the Chaplain so he may take appropriate action.

(10:45:00) No new member were at the meeting but we did have a guest, that being Al Linden - Executive Director of The Department of Flordia DAV.

(11:09:50) Communications:
No Communications

(11:23:00) Committee Reports:
(11:23:30) Commemorative Pin Committee:
John Seaman, chairman reports all the pins are sold, he reports only a few (15) pins left at Veterans Services Office.
We have so far raised $1541.00 in the sale of the pin, both new and old.
John that vender send him another bill so we will still be looking for another supplier.

(12:32:29) Scholarship Committee:
John Seaman nothing to report till after the first of the year, and will be working on a new set of rules.

(12:45:72) Election Committee:
Chair Ray Michael - states there is nothing to report.

(13:33:30) Old Business:
Sr Vice Chuck Spikes is still looking for a vender, but remembers that he and his brother did silk printing and thinking that we (Chapter) could do that rather than 'go out side' for the 'freeies'. Al Hayes made a montion that we allow Chuck to look into it, seconded by Ray Michael, voted on and approved.

(17:13:00) New Business:
Commander made note that items in the Department of Florida Newsletter for November is on our web site - noted items within the letter and that he as webmaster added source links to the online letter.
One item was that 85,000 claims have been filed for those station at Camp Lejeune over the water supply and the VA has denied all of those claim - source is the VBA web site.

(20:03:35) The Commander needs two more vehicles for the Citrus Springs parade that will be held at 2 PM on Sunday December 13. Meeting at the water fall at Citrus Springs at 12:30 to form up. The Commander will be using his van, the Sr Vice his truck and any one else who wishes to be in the parade to please show up.
At the end of today meeting we will go to the Golden Corral for the Annual Christmas/New Year feed.

(21:27:00)We have no minutes of the Ex-Com, that the Commander has spoken to/with those on the board and what is said to them is noted in our regular meeting.

(21:38:74) A Moment of Silence was held for our departed comrades.

(23:08:00) Good of the Order:
Ray Micheal mention tomorrow at the ceremonies at Bushnell National Cemetery for the Unattendened at 3 PM.
We need more DAV to go.

Commander handed out copies of the Department of Florida's November Newsletter.

(24:16:00) The 50/50 drawing was held with a $13 was won by Joe McClister.
Another drawing was held, started by the Commander this day, for a 'door prize' - a Pen set from DAV.
Brady C. White was the lucky winner.

(27:30:00) A motion to adjourned made be Al Hayes - seconded by Dewey Drandy - voted on and approved.

Being no other business the Commander led the proper closing ceremony and declared the meeting of the Disabled American Veterans, DAV, Gerald A. Shonk, Chapter 70, Inc., Adjourned.

Our next meeting will be held on January 12, 2016 at 2 pm.

Joe Stephens, Webmaster on behalf of the Adjutant

(time on audio)

"Freedom Isn´t Free"
the price is still being paid

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