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Disabled American Veterans

Department of Florida

By Al Linden
Executive Director
January 31, 2016

As of January 31, 2016 our membership was 60,769
The goal for life membership for this year 1,012 are needed.


The 2016 State Mid-Winter Conference and CSO Seminar came to a close on January 10th at Lake Mary, Florida. We had a record setting seminar with 190 CSO’s that were certified. These CSO’s will help us serve our veterans and their families more efficiently and quickly. Congratulations! Job well done.

The Mid-Winter was a Great Conference. The information that was given out can be used to better serve our chapter members, veterans and their families. More of our CSO’s need to stay the extra day and a half so they can learn what is going on in the Department, at National and take the information back to their chapters and its members.

Fun was had by all at the Saturday night dinner hosted by Master of Ceremonies Past Dept. Commander Andy Marshall. Assistant NSO Supervisor Dan Anderson did an excellent job in setting up the seating. He received a new Pet for his effort.

Hope to see you all soon.
Buddy Rickman
State Commander

Andy Marshall Announces for National Office

Andy Marshall is retiring as National Service Officer in February 2016 and it was announce at the Florida DAV Mid-Winter conference that he will be running for National Office at the upcoming National Convention. Andy has over 40 years as a National Service Officer and is well respected leader of veterans. Any donations for the Committee to Elect Andy Marshall for National office should be sent to:
Dan Anderson
3449 Fairchild Trail
Clearwater Florida, 33761
Let’s all get on board and support Andy Marshall.

Also be reminded that Chapter Annual Financial Reports are due by September 30 each year.
Chapter Officers Reports are due within 10 days after installation each year or when changes are made. ALL chapters make $50,000 and less and do not file any other IRS form must file a N990 by November 15 each year. Last year 4 chapters failed to due so and their tax exempt was removed and it cost them over $400 to get it reinstated.


All financial disbursements of the chapter must be made by check.
All checks must include the signature of at least two officers.
There should be no debit or credit utilized by the chapter.


As of January 31, 2016

TOTAL ASSETS $1,231,634


Bay Pines VAVS $1900
Gainesville VAVS 1000
Tampa VAVS $1370
Lake City VAVS $3809
MiamiVAVS $2600
Orlando VAVS $2900
Eglin CBOC $0


FROM: J. Marc Burgess, National Adjutant
DATE: January 4, 2016
I announce today a new, reinvigorated Benefit Protection Team to take our advocacy efforts to a new level. I believe we already have the strongest grassroots advocates in the business, but given the current political environment in Washington, D.C., we must redouble our efforts on behalf of the nation's veterans, their dependents and survivors. The threats are real and cannot be ignored.

Currently in place we find a strong network of department and chapter legislative chairpersons. Also, our National Legislative Department employs the DAV Commander's Action Network (DAV CAN) as a solid foundation for grassroots advocacy. Under this new initiative our department and chapter legislative chairs will be transitioned to “Benefit Protection Team Leaders.” In the coming weeks, National Service and Legislative Headquarters (NSLH) will make available new tools to assist in our federal legislative efforts to unify and solidify DAV’s critical message across the nation. These same tools, which will be located on the DAV website, can also be used to bring about legislative change on the local and state level.

Over the next several months NSLH will be reaching out to Departments individually to solicit advice and help identify individuals who would be ideal candidates for Benefit Protection Team Leaders. These leaders should be interested and motivated to broadcast DAV's sustained message to our elected officials and the general public. No legislative experience is necessary; the tools they need to accomplish our unified goals will be available on the website. All that is necessary is that a team leader be ready, willing and able to promote and cultivate a relationship among DAV, our Auxiliary, the general public and Members of Congress. They will be provided all the technical information needed to arm themselves for success. Now is the time to become proactive; now is the time to prepare before others decide it may be a good idea to dismantle the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or take away hard-earned benefits and services from those who have served and sacrificed for this nation.

Thank you in advance for your support on behalf of our nation's ill and injured veterans, their families and survivors, and for your attention to this vital matter. We are all responsible to help ensure that our government does not renege on its promises to the nation’s veterans and their families. This reinvigorated effort is one of DAV’s top priorities in 2016. Please join us to make it a resounding success.

Orlando VAMC Surgery Services Open at Lake Nona

Thursday, January 7, 2016
ORLANDO, Fla. - As part of its on-going activation effort the Orlando VA Medical Center at Lake Nona has relocated its surgical and medicine services from Lake Baldwin to Lake Nona. Wednesday’s activation is the beginning of expanding ambulatory surgery and Endoscopic procedures at Lake Nona for Orlando’s more than 105,000 Veterans, including eight operating rooms and two Cystoscopy suites in surgical services. The opening offers ambulatory surgeries for various surgical specialties, including ENT, general surgery, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Pain Management, Podiatry, Plastic Surgery, Urology, and Vascular Surgery. Orlando’s Medicine Service includes eight endoscopy suites, which offer ambulatory procedures for Gastroenterology and Pulmonary Medicine.

“Today’s opening represents another milestone in our journey to fully activate this medical center for our Veterans,” said Timothy W. Liezert, medical center director. “Our surgical capabilities are core to the many services we offer Veterans, and we intend to keep moving forward in expanding services to meet the needs of Central Florida Veterans.” The opening continues the Orlando VAMC’s aggressive efforts in opening its 134-bed hospital tower and Emergency Department, both set to open in early 2016.



Florida Membersip
January 31, 2016


ibid: G - met or surpassed goal


Florida Legislation
January 31, 2016


Florida is for Veterans, Inc. Names Carbonell Executive Director

Tallahassee, Fla. - The board of Directors of Florida is vor Veteransw, Inc. today announced its selection of Roberto "Bobby" Caronell as the corporation's executive director. As executive director, Carbonell will be responsible for the operation and general management of the non-profit organization.


FROM: Moses A. Mclntosh, Jr., National Commander
DATE: November 24, 2015

As each DAV and DAVA Department and their Chapters and Units should be aware, the practice of soliciting contributions via the intemet, social media or any other way which reaches donors outside of their geographic boundaries is strictly prohibited. DAV and DAV Departments, and their subordinate entities are limited to operate within the boundaries of their chartered territories in accordance with Article 15, Sections I 5.2, 15.3 and 15.4 of the National Bylaws.

As I have become aware of instances where DAV and DAVA Departments and their Chapters and Units are operating outside their geographic boundaries, and it is my responsibility to oversee and enforce the National Constitution, Bylaws and National Executive Committee (NEC) Regulations, I must require all online solicitations be terminated immediately.

As a reminder, any and all fundraising activities of a Department must first meet with the prior approval of the NEC in accordance with Article 15, Section 15.2, Para. 1 of the National Bylaws. Chapter fundraisers which appeal to the general public must meet with the prior approval of their Department in accordance with Article 15, Section 15.3, Para. I of the National Bylaws. DAVA Department and Unit fundraisers are governed by Article 15, Section 15.4 of the National Bylaws. As the DAV Department has overall authority to approve or disapprove Fundraising requests by DAV Chapters and DAVA Units, in no instance should a Department approve any such fundraising activity which involves solicitation via the internet, social media or in any other way which gains access to support outside of their geographic boundaries.

Governor Scott Proposes $7.4 million for Three New State Veterans Nursing Homes January 27, 2015

ST AUGUSTINE - Governor Rick Scott announced Jan. 26, proposed funding for three new state veterans nursing homes as part of the 2015 - 2016 "KEEP FLORIDA WORKNG" budget. One of the new homes, the Ardie R. Copas State Veterans' Nursing Home, has already been approved by the Florida Cabinet to be located in St. Lucie County. The location for the other two new homes will be considered by the Florida Cabinet upon approval.

Governor Rick Scott said, "Florida is the most military friendly state in the nation and as a Navy veteran, it is incredibly important that we do all we can to help our veterans and their families. My father was a member of the 82nd Airborne and we will never forget the selfless sacrifice all of our veterans have made to ensure we have the opportunity to live the American Dream. I am proud that we are going to continue to support our heroes by adding new nursing homes and we will keep working each day to ensure all of our veterans have a great quality of life in Florida."

Florida currently has state veterans' nursing homes in Daytona Beach, Land O' Lakes, Panama City, Pembroke Pines, Port Charlotte and St. Augustine. All six 120 bed skilled nursing facilities have earned the coveted Five-Star rating from the Centers fo Medicare & Medicaid Services.



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