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Harter T. "Mooney" Becker

Harter T.

Harter T. "Mooney" Becker

Harter T. "Mooney" Becker - May 8, 2016 - Inverness, Florida - Age 94

Born on April 8, 1932 in Jeanette, Pennsylvania

Son of the late John and Idella (Stough) Becker

US Navy Infantry Battalion Flag
Served in the US Navy in WWII

A Fire Controlman* 3rd Class, serving on destroyer escorts in the Atlanic Theatre Operations.

US Navy Fire Controlman

Mooney graduated from Jeanette High School, worked at the Elliett Company in Jeanette as a Service Parts Clerk for 43 years.

Substiture teacher at Withlohochee Vo-Tech in Inverness; taught wood carving at the Whispering Pines Park

a Life Member of High Park, PA Fire Dept (founding member);
Life Member of the DAV,
VFW, American Legion,
and Sons of The Revolution

Survived by his wife of 67 years, Clara (Klingensmith) Becker;
3 children:
Vickie Evans, Winchester, VA.
Sana Ditommaso of Erie, PA.
Ronald Becker of Westmoreland County, PA;
4 grandchildren
2 great grandchildren.

Military services were conducted at Bushnell Florida National Cemetery
on Friday, May 13th at 2:00 PM.
Cremation arrangements under the direction of the Chas E Davis Funeral Home With Crematory.

waving flag

Salute to Harter T. "Mooney" Becker

* The fire controlman's creed

I am a fire controlman, a petty officer of the United States Navy, my work is the operation and maintenance of the weapons aboard the fighting ships of the Navy, I am required to know, operate, and maintain intricate scientific precision instruments.

To do this, I must have a thorough knowledge of the work of an electronics technician, machinist's mate, gunner's mate, machinery repairman, operations specialist, and engineman.

My aim in life is to know my job; to know everything that pertains to practical gunnery and ordnance.

As long as there is any operation or piece of equipment I do not fully understand, my job is not complete.

In the event of war, I must be prepared for any emergency.

I must be capable of and competent to fill my station, or perform any operation in the weapons department of my ship; to assume command of, spot, or control the fire of any battery.

In addition to being competent to perform any operation, I will strive to know my maintenance duties so well that I may maintain the battle efficiency of my ship, even on a darkened ship, under enemy fire. This to the end that the ship may fight as long as she is afloat!

The rating was established in 1941, when it was split off from the gunner's mate rating.

Fire controlmen were highly skilled technicians responsible for the operation of various forms of range finding gear, and solving ballistics calculations to control the firing of the ship's guns.

These skills were originally employed primarily for naval gunfire support, and surface combat, but during WWII, the responsibilities expanded into anti-aircraft warfare as well.

The rank Fire Control Technician, which replaced the ranking Fire Controlman, was implemented in the early 1950s.

A Fire Control Technician now go to 16 week basic electronics course included in 44 weeks of FT "A" school at USNTC Bainbridge, Maryland after completing 11 weeks of basic training.

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