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Building Better Lives for America´s Disabled Veterans

Gerald A. Shonk
Chapter #70


1039 North Paul Drive
Inverness, Florida 34450


The Disabled American Veterans and Auxiliary
welcome and appreciate donations.

Linda Brice
Linda Brice

Shirley Callahan-Seaman
Sr. Vice Commander
Shirley Callahan-Seaman
Juanita Godfrey
Jr. Vice Commander
Juanita Godfrey
Shirley McElhiney
Shirley McElhiney
Lynn Armitage
Lynn Armitage
Andree Bias
Sgt. At Arms
Andree Bias
Lucy Godfrey
Lucy Godfrey

The Auxiliary meets a total of 10 months a year with our first meeting starting in September.
Auxiliary meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 2 PM
with the exception of July and Augus

We are looking forward to seeing all our Auxiliary members and welcome new members.
We are always pleased to have new members our eligibility requirements have changed.
Please contact Linda or Lynn for information.

The Auxiliary is always accepting donations of household goods for our yard sale. They can be dropped off at the DAV building on Tuesday mornings or you can call our Auxiliary Commander Linda Brice to arrange a drop off time.

Shirley Callahan-Seaman
Sr. Vice Commander

"Freedom isn't Free"

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